Being Human series 5 starts filming

News Louisa Mellor
1 Oct 2012 - 16:25

Filming on the fifth series of Being Human has begun in Wales, and here's the photo evidence to prove it...

Not due on our screens until early 2013, filming on Being Human's six new episodes is now underway in Barry, Wales.

The BBC's official series blog cheered the return of Damien Maloney (vampire Hal) and Michael Socha (werewolf Tom) to Honolulu Heights, as well as welcoming new series regular Kate Bracken (ghost Alex), as "...a bona-fide member of the gang". 

The blog post went on to promise all this and more from the next series of Toby Whithouse's supernatural show:

"We’ve got bits that will make you laugh! We’ve got bits that will make you cry! We’ve got bits that will make you jump! We’ve got bits that will make you drool! We’ve got puns! We’ve got thrilling guest stars! We’ve got exciting new talent! We’ve got a new place of work! We’ve got really scary threats! We’ve got flashbacks! We’ve got exclamation marks!!! We’ve got it all!"

By this time next week, after Den Of Geek has made a little train journey west, we should have plenty more Being Human goodness for you too...

Read the full BBC blog post, here.

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