US Being Human renewed for season 3

News Simon Brew
17 Feb 2012 - 16:33
Being Human USA

The US take on Being Human gets a series three order from Syfy. We suspect a UK Being Human series five won't be far behind...

The American take on the BBC’s Being Human has been a bit of a bumpy ride, with the currently-running second season notably worse than the impressive first. But it’s proving something of a success for Syfy in the US. So much so, that last week the show was renewed for another season.

Syfy has confirmed that Being Human USA will be back for a third 13-episode run, with season three likely to be screened in 2013.

The fate of the British Being Human seems positive, too. The last we heard was that Toby Whithouse, the show’s creator, was pretty confident that a fifth series would be in the offing. And given the ratings that the show is enjoying on BBC Three, it seems that audiences, both sides of the Atlantic, are keen for a lot more Being Human.

When and if we get confirmed news of Being Human series five in the UK, we’ll bring it your way…

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