Beauty And The Beast season 2 episode 11 review: Held Hostage

Review Rachael Kates 30 Jan 2014 - 07:29

Beauty and the Beast's second season takes a rare misstep. Here's Rachael's review...

This review contains spoilers.

2.11 Held Hostage

The term “You can't win ‘em all” is what comes to mind with this episode of Beauty and the Beast, and I mean that in every sense of the word. Literally, this was not a winner. Although in eleven episodes to have only one leave a bad taste in my mouth is a good run. It’s a very bad taste, though. That was not the worst hostage situation episodes I’ve ever seen but it was in the top five. If you can’t do that type of thing with razor precision, don’t do it. Just don’t. There is a reason Dog Day Afternoon is a classic, and it's because that type of scenario is hard to execute. I was happy to see all my lady cops in one place believably keeping their cool heads under pressure, including Tess’ reaction when she had a gun to her head at point blank range.

In other news: I’m getting extremely disappointed with Tori these last few episodes. Remember the girl who stared down her kidnapper in the woods? Who put herself on the line against her own father because it was the right thing? She started out as a character with her own individual potential. Since her beast side manifested, she’s degenerated to plot device, and a shrill harpy of one at that. Half the time she doesn’t even need to be on the screen to get the point across. Supposedly, she and Vincent have a primal connection because of their beastliness but every time we see them together, she is dragging him around, too busy being defensive and jealous to actually make them seem like they have any interest in each other as people. Do they have anything in common besides the beast thing? Have we ever seen them talk? At least Gabe and Catherine have had meaningful conversations about other things. Red has been reduced to a caricature and I don’t like it. This show is usually so much better than that.

On the upside, I am incredibly happy with Catherine’s arc. Her journey is so real – a girl who falls for a guy who turns into a different person after dating for a while, she goes through a bad break-up, and it messes her up emotionally and mentally. Raise your hand if you’ve seen it on TV before. Raise your hand if you’ve lived a variation of that before. What they’re doing that is less common is giving making Cat sort out her anger and personal issues before shoving her into the next relationship, as is often the case on TV. In an episode that was deeply flawed, the conversation between Cat and Gabe after the hostage situation about knowing yourself and needing time to do that was pitch perfect.

What was going on with Tess today though? I mean, not the birthday thing. Yay she likes her birthday. That is charming and Dana can shove it if she disagrees. Liking your birthday means hiding something - what? That argument is a fascicle, lady. I was disappointed that she didn’t get more… I don’t know what exactly, just more. Maybe more room to be Tess in general. I will say that I was thrilled over the Vincent hug because it was absolutely situation-appropriate and there is a perverse part of me that wants them to be bros.

I don’t know what to make of the rest of it. The gem seems to be able to control beasts but does that mean we’re bringing in magic? I don’t see how it can have an earthly cause although I’m ready to be proven wrong. I want to be proven wrong. Please show, keep magic out of my sci-fi. Please?

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Respectfully, couldn't disagree with you more - it was the best show of the season - who cares about the hostage situation, it was all the action between the characters that was so compelling. Cat, in total denial of her feelings for Vincent that even creepy perfect Gabe couldn't deny it - her jealously "I'm not jealous", "can't believe I was ever in love with someone like him" - the queen of denial... On the surface it appeared like Gabe & Cat were getting closer, but there's less than zero chemistry, and you could see it in Gabe's face that he sees she's in love with Vincent, but he such a Cat lapdog that he doesn't call her on it directly "you have unresolved anger issues" ha - nice one Gabe. BTW no way an ADA becomes Chief of a Police Station. So glad that old Cat is back - independent and thinking for herself. That both her and Tess have so easily and quickly accepted Gabe is "born again" defies logic and their characters - I think while he may have feelings for Cat, he's got nefarious plans and I think his true colour will be exposed once he sees Cat reunited with Vincent. As for Vincent, welcome back and good on him for finally articulating his side of things, why the old Vincent is gone - cause of the depth of hurt and betrayal of those connected to Cat including Cat who shot him. I also liked that he made his choice to risk himself and exposing his beast to save Cat and the hostages. The scene where he & Cat protected eachother fighting the hostage takers that ends with him shielding her from the sniper - and when he puts his hand on her face - fire - that's chemistry. So this is why I loved this show - not about the plausibility of a hostage situation - but for all the many small moments that told a bigger story and showing us that the journey back to each other has begun. Just missed JT, but next week we'll have a whole story for him.

I so agree with you that this was the best eps of the season. I have been a bit bored with s2 and absolutely dislike Tori!! Maybe it's the writing or the acting but she doesn't come across as anything but annoying! And that's not because I wish to see Cat & Vincent back together, I actually kinda like them apart for the moment. They (and so do we) need to see what they can be on their own and not in a relationship. Gabe and Cat are a bit awkward together, I was yelling at the TV as they were about to kiss "no, don't do it! don't do it!" thankfully, Gabe pulled away! Hopefully all that will be short lived.

I totally agree with you. This was one of the
best episodes of season 2. I found myself being hopeful again that Cat and
Vincent will finally be reunited. I hated the thought of a Cat & Gabe
pairing. It was always unbelievable that Tess would push Gabe towards Cat romantically,
knowing how Cat, her best friend, feels about Vincent. Let's hope that
the writers keep moving this couple in the right direction.

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