Beauty And the Beast season 2 episode 10 review: Ancestors

Review Rachael Kates
23 Jan 2014 - 07:00

This week's Beauty and the Beast is a fun romp. Here's Rachael's review...

This review contains spoilers.

2.10 Ancestors

What the actual #$%& was that cold open? No, seriously. The Talk? They put Vincent on a talk show? (for the UK readers who don’t know - The Talk is a real talk show a la Loose Women) However, they gave us Dana Langdon, a hard-nosed anti-corruption Fed who knows more than she seems about Catherine. When I get more women in jobs typically held by men, more women on a show at all, I am inclined to forgive. That said, no one does the absurd and the feminist all in one burst of pre-commercial break madness like Beauty And The Beast.

Also, I may have screeched a little when I saw Ian Bohen’s name on the credits. Getting to watch him on Beauty And The Beast on one channel and Teen Wolf on another within hours of each other? My night was made. He was suitably menacing but sadly under-utilized in the Russian Consulate Jewel Heist Subplot. Though I must admit that I enjoyed said subplot. The plan itself was ridiculous (Really? Are we supposed to be impressed by the champagne spill move?) it was a step forward for Catherine getting back to herself and her actual job of catching baddies and solving/stopping crimes. The whole episode following the jewel - from her displays at the bar of being a bad ass fighter to covert undercover cop to macking on strange boys - was Catherine getting back into the game. Vincent was focused on how this behaviour revolved around him - oh gosh she’s kissing someone else and trying to keep me from murdering people. Stop it, Vincent, you’re behaving like Evan and we remember what happened to him don’t we? Dead in a laboratory hallway, bullets everywhere.

Gabe on the other hand actually respected her and… respects her decision in spite of the male instinct to protect her! This is an issue that comes up a lot, and I mean a lot, on TV shows where a woman works in a position of possible danger with a male coworker. Rarely does it get addressed and even less often so clearly as it did in this episode when Gabe made the conscious decision to trust Catherine’s judgement and abilities and not send in back up. Tess, my goddess of reason, wisdom and excellent hair and make-up even made a point to point that out to him. Yes, trusting her to be the BAMF that she is will be hard but if you’re going to love a hero, that’s the price. You don’t have to like it, you just have to pay it.

Bucking the TV drag-the-drama trend, his good behaviour was actually acknowledged. You trusted her, you let her be the competent cop she is and as your reward you received one Catherine kiss! He touched his lip after she left, you guys. He touched his lip to make sure it was real, or as if he could still feel her. I can’t even begin to deal with the feelings that caused in my shrivelled black heart and I’m a Cat/Vincent shipper. Perhaps I should invest in a second ship and set an armada on the Beauty And The Beast seas?

You can see how all of that could distract me since it’s just so much more interesting than what was going on with Vincent, JT, and Red. There’s a mugging over a chain for an extinct creature that someone kept as a pet right? That’s what happened? Most of it was a blur. What stuck out was JT bringing the situation around to sanity for Vincent when he started on his whole Cat-is-kissing-people-who-aren’t-me spiral despite his new love affair with Red. You don’t get over a great love all at once, JT pointed out and thank god he did. I was hoping someone would. Things are moving awfully fast with Red and Vincent’s rebirth and it’s good to know that JT can still serve as an oasis of sanity in the sweltering desert of crazy that Vincent seems to be crossing since he ripped Windsor’s heart out with his bare hands. JT also got to say “Avenge me!” which I think might have made at least a month worth of his trauma worth it for him as a character. He seems like the type to appreciate the chance to deliver a good line.

Over all this episode was just a romp. That’s all there is to it. I get that serious things are happening but it feels utterly ludicrous in the best ways, rompy ways. In the words of Thor Odinson of Asgard: Another!

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