Beauty And The Beast season 2 episode 9 review: Don't Die On Me

Review Rachael Kates
15 Jan 2014 - 07:51

Don't presume to tell Vincent how to handle his beastliness, argues Rachael. Here's her review of Don't Die On Me...

This review contains spoilers.

2.9 Don't Die On Me

The episode kicks off with Tori flitting around Vincent and making me so angry I want to break things. To be perfectly clear, I’m not upset because of my deep and abiding belief that Catherine and Vincent’s true love will prevail. I’m not angry because Tori doesn’t want to hide being a beast either. After all, there’s nothing wrong with Tori wanting to be beastly her way, in the open air and sun. That’s totally fine by me. I do so love me some autonomy and freedom of choice. What I have a problem with is the way she’s trying to push that desire on to Vincent when he states clearly that he does not want to handle his situation that way. She does it on more than one occasion in the first half the show - once on his boat and again with JT even when JT agrees with Vincent’s protests.

Listen, Red, you may think you know what’s right for Vincent. You don’t have his experiences or traumas. When you do, maybe we can talk about his choices and their validity. Until then please do not presume to know what is best for him just because you happen to go “grrr” and think he’s a grade A hottie. One of my peeves is when someone assumes they know the solution to a trauma survivor’s problems when they aren’t the survivor. I would so much rather Tori climb him like a jungle gym and ride him ’til the wheels come off than use her fifteen seconds of experience to presume to dictate how he should react in the wake of tremendous triggers.

While we’re on the subject of Catherine shooting him, the interaction between Cat and Vincent in his boat was awesome in the most painful way. It’d have been better if Red could’ve realized it was an AB conversation yet even with her interruption it typified one of my favorite aspects of this show. This couple talks to each other. Vincent is injured and betrayed; Catherine is disappointed and frustrated. They could sulk off like teenagers as every other CW show seems to do with their characters but no. They discuss it and as a result we get to see something under Vincent’s betrayal and anger that we wouldn’t have otherwise - his heartbreak. The wince as she leaves is such a great blocking choice because it leaves you wondering if he’s wincing at the pain of the gunshot wound or watching Catherine walk out the door or both? Viewers have to decide for themselves.

Meanwhile, back in New York, the crap is hitting the fan. Cat is trying to get back to work but is being questioned - again. The shooting thing keeps being an issue, both with the FBI and with the gang that gets her badge and gun suspended leading to Gabe’s continued role as Crooked DA for Greater Justice. While Vincent is wasting and JT is scurrying to help, Red is faced with a set of sketchy people who are leveraging knowledge about beasts against her led by Haley Webb aka Jennifer Blake of Teen Wolf. Things obviously weren’t interesting enough for our beasts. Also, there seems to be a new rule that when you leave Beacon Hills you are magically transported to the CW. Just ask Adelaide Kane and Colton Haynes.

In the midst of all this madness, Tess' character rises to the top yet again. Look at you, doing your actual job, having actual reasonable thoughts on things like Cat’s relationship with Vincent and moving on, making Gabe examine his motives for his behaviour honestly. For she is the voice of reason. Oh Hosannah, let her words resound through the heads of all the characters, forever and ever, amen. The best example of the night - and there were so so many great ones - was her encounter with JT about his obsessive commitment to Vincent. Her calling him out on that was pitch perfect Tess - spot on without being mean, and revealed another nugget of history from the Keller past. JT gave Vincent’s name to Muirfield, enter guilt, stage left. Yet Tess counters, “You can’t beat yourself up without patting yourself on the back too.” Ugh, amazing. She transforms his self-imposed perceptions both of himself and Vincent’s with so few words. Four for you Detective Vargas, you go Detective Vargas. 

In the end, we got what most episodes only tease us with: closure. Catherine finally got her emotional closure with Vincent, walking away to take care of herself in the antithesis of the typical romance show(yaaaay). Vincent got closure with Catherine and to end his fugitive lifestyle. Gabe closure came upon fulfilment of his quest to balance the scales. JT got some emotional closure that his mistake had some positive outcomes and Tess, well, I think if she can have one good day at work that doesn’t involve beasts it’ll count as open and shut.

What’s opened a door is the creepy skeleton that Cat found in Windsor’s vault. What on earth was that? I imagine that particular case one close any time soon which is probably a good thing. 

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