Beauty And The Beast episode 16 review: Insatiable

Review Rachael Kates
24 Mar 2013 - 13:50

This week's Beauty and the Beast has Rachael impatient for the next episode. Here's her review of Insatiable...

This review contains spoilers.

1.16 Insatiable

Before we get started, a word on the new opening, which is so great that I have goosebumps. I never liked the "Nine years ago" one but this new one fits the show and the couple much better. The couple then. It seems that after dealing with Vincent's intimacy-based mutation control issues, they had such great sex that Vincent had to get a broom and a trashcan to clean up the mess they left in their wake. Four for you, Vince and Catherine. You go Vince and Catherine. The best part is that now that they've finally got over all the unspoken stuff, and unlocked the physical connection, they are able to be more playful with each other in the first five minutes than they were able to be in the last five weeks.

Meanwhile outside the love-nest, the task force finds another torn up body (which of course can't be down to Vincent because he was occupied) murdered in the park. We finally get to meet the other two members of the task force and one of them is Garnett, aka Benny the Vampire from Supernatural. He's far less likable here on Thursdays than he was as a murderous bloodsucker over on Wednesdays.

Somewhere in all of this, our couple finds the spike of a medieval mace in a horseshoe as part of the case. It sounds like a scene out of a webcomic but hey, I don't question because the full circle on that is that Lowen, the Task Force Guy, happens to have a mace with a missing spike right on the wall of his house! Coincidence? Not on a CW show.

There's a great contrast as well, between Evan and Vincent later in the episode. Evan steals her things to find the creature's DNA. Creepy Kyle of Muirfield is pushing on that front. That, combined with the task force, pushes Team Vincent into realizing that they have to destroy the warehouse and fake Vincent's death in a blaze of glory. When both Evan and Vincent are faced with a dangerous situation with Catherine however, Evan tries to "protect" her while Vincent, on the other hand, says "Are you sure you're up to this?" and when she says yes, he just agrees. They're partners who can trust in each other, not just in each others' abilities but in their judgement of their own situations. Then, wonder of wonder, they don't question those judgements. Because, as I said, they're partners. That sort of ever after, even as blood-soaked as this is clearly going to be, is the sort of relationship I can get behind. Trust! Communication! Mutual faith! None of this protects Cat from Evan's accusations or the fact that Muirfield shows up early to the planned destruction faster and with an escape underground.

So, while the task force gets closed in, Tess was pushing things hard on her own in terms of the vigilante, and because she's an excellent cop and a smart person, quietly following her own leads is getting her farther than the rest of the group. That's probably why, when everything else is over and the warehouse is smoking, she finds Vincent in the tunnels, corners him, and shoots yellow-eyed-snarling-animal Vincent in the chest just in time for Catherine to show up and lose it.

This is an opportunity for the show, and a pretty huge one if you ask me. There are several ways this could go with Tess finding out about Cat and Vincent but if they're careful and they trust their talent (and the majority of the talent in this cast lies in the two women, as much as I love Jay Ryan) they could have a really special storytelling opportunity next week in terms of female friendship, trust and duty in the Tess and Cat relationship, communication, and boundary setting. I hope they prove me right but all we can do is wait. Is it Thursday yet?

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