Beauty And The Beast episode 15 review: Any Means Possible

Review Rachael Kates 16 Mar 2013 - 16:00

New blood is introduced in the latest, steamy episode of Beauty and the Beast. Here's Rachael's review...

This review contains spoilers.

1.15 Any Means Possible

After that kiss last episode, I'm thrilled to say that my favourite couple continues to move forward apace. You heard me - apace - as in right from the word go we have Catherine and Vince in flagrante delicto rolling around in his sheets (his because the sequence has all the dark blue ambiance that marks Vince's sad warehouse hideaway rather than the warm yellows of Catherine's). It's also appropriate for the way he loses it mid-lovemaking to turn monsterous and send her flying across the room, proving that this was just a dream - even though the relationship is getting real.

Other things happened in this episode? We were given two heavy hitting new cast members - Edi Gathegi (Armando/Darwin from X-Men: First Class) and Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder from Heroes) joined the show and breathed some much-needed life into the group outside of the Cat-Vincent-JD circle.

Gathegi is Kyle, an agent within Muirfield who's stepped up as the powerplayer. He's set directly above Evan now that he's decided to join them. Evan is all about chasing down the "cross-species creature" (read:Vincent) even though Kyle really doesn't want him to, what with the danger and everything. Though to be fair, everything Evan's done since aligning himself with Muirfield makes me want to shake him and demand that he "look at his life, look at his choices." Funny since I couldn't stand him half a dozen episodes ago.

Ramamurthy is Gabe Lowen, a DA who's busy running around the department poking people with sticks to get their back up. He does a good job of it too. Cat's on guard, Tess is making more poor choices in regards to her extramarital affair with Joe (which makes me furious on so many levels and themes that I actually don't have enough space to discuss it here because smart women being stupid is a huge pet peeve), and there are two new guys on the block who are apparently blunt objects. Lowen and Joe are forming a task force to, surprise surprise, hunt down the "vigilante" (read:Vincent).

Speaking of the "cross-species creature", "vigilante" and Cat try to figure out how to get Vincent's butt covered on Darius' death. It's not a storyline I care about. We've seen doctor-Vincent recently but in my favorite non-romantic scene of the episode we got to see some of soldier-Vincent. He goes into a shady shop looking for someone specific and out comes the ex-soldier who knows about how to deal with dangerous people without any mutations, who can talk about guns like I talk about types of cookies, and who can project that edge of straight-backed strength that comes from bootcamp and commitment. Growth like this should've happened earlier in the run of the show for Vincent but now we have it and I love it. It makes him ever more real.

Speaking of Vincent, did you see how awesome he and Catherine were? They went to a party and there was formal wear. I'm just shallow enough to have enjoyed that. I'm also deep enough to have adored the fact that they sat down and talked about Vincent's concerns about intimacy and his problems he's had in the past. This is how adult relationships work. People have issues. Sometimes they have issues with sex. If you want to be with someone, you get around those sex issues by working on them with your partner and oh man, did Cat and Vincent work it out at the end of the ep.

"Whoever you were with before, she wasn't me," Cat tells him and it's true. The entire scene was an exercise in sexual intimacy that doesn't get shown on TV nearly enough. The love scene was steamy but mostly it was deeply loving and connected. I believed they were in love with each other and in the last moment, when his eyes glowed and the deadly monster threatened to come out, Cat touched his face, accepted it and there was no hint of danger anywhere to be seen. Just an ending so satisfying, I almost needed a smoke afterwards.

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Good review!I too was swoon by the last scene with Vincent and Catherine, especially her speech just made me believe that these two are really in love.

True Love!

Great review! loved the episode :)

Excellent review..very true abt Vincent's character development too.

Amazing review, you have earned yourself a #Beastie follower ;)

What an excellent review! Really really great. Thank you for that, it was a joy to read.

My non-romantic favorite scenes were also Vincent in undercover mode using his "beastly" hearing ability for a good cause and Catherine and him taking down Ray Shakman together at the ball, with Catherine verbally and Vincent physically threatening the bad guy to clear Vincent's name. How wonderful was it to see them partnering up like that? And how happy was I to see Vincent being able to control the beast?

Very well written episode. And exquisitely performed by the two protagonists in particular. I absolutely agree with you concerning the final love scene. How beautiful and loving was that scene and how...intimate and real. This is an epic love story and the audience has to be able to feel the sincerity and the intensity of it all, and we do. How could we not? Their story is told and acted in such a way that makes it completely believable and acutely real. Kudos to the writers and to Jay and Kristin who make every single kiss so epic that I'm reminded of such couples as Mr Rochester and Jane Eyre with whom they share the same urgency, emotional depth and purity.

This is an actual, grown-up relationship and personally, I can't wait to see more of that. I'm so tired of the "will-they-won't-they' game most other shows are so fond of playing that seeing such a mature and loving relationship evolve on my screens is refreshing and incredible, in the best way possible. Any Means Possible was deeply satisfying in every way that counts. Hopefully more people will come to realize that and give this show its well-deserved second season.

Oh my gosh that's good - and your end comment about needing a smoke - I think ALL of us did (and I quit years ago). LOL

Smart review on a show that is exciting and finding its voice.

thank you so much for this lovely review. The Beasties thank you #BATB

Awsome Review! The entire episode was too amazing for words but you really captured it's esence. In my opinion, the final scene where they finally make love was so beautiful, heartfelt and really showed how deeply these two characters really love each other. One of my favourite moments (besides the actual love scene itself) was when they joined hands before they actually was such an intimate moment and I think it affirmed that they were both in this relationship for the long haul....come what may!

thanks for the detailed review. I myself could not get over with this show. well the last epi was very sensual!

Thanks for the review, there is a lot of beasties out there that feel the same passion about the show, not everybody see this series as we see it and Im proud to be one of the original beasties, because as time progresses more people will find this series as enjoyable as we find it. Thanks again!

Well written and perfectly described how I felt through the entire episode! Pass those cigs, I need one (and I don't even smoke!) :)

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