Beauty And The Beast episode 13 review: Trust No One

Review Rachael Kates
15 Feb 2013 - 07:15

Beauty and the Beast's showrunners are still delaying gratification for fans of Vincent and Catherine's romance. Here's Rachael's review...

This review contains spoilers.

1.13 Trust No One

I screamed so loudly in response to the last fifteen seconds of tonight's episode, I scared my dog. The poor thing ran across the room then back and looked at me with concerned eyes as if asking "are you all right?" No, I'm not; this show is killing me. Vincent and Catherine, you have officially won the top spot of Couple That Makes Me Want To Pull Out My Hair of the year. Congratulations, now return my sanity to me immediately. Before I wax on about why I turned into such a completely undignified mess - let's have a quick run down on the rest of the episode.

Alex is heartbreaking. Not Alex with Vince, just Alex herself. Watching the actual fallout of the experiment happen to Alex's life in real time makes all of Vincent's warnings to Cat over the series feel more substantial. Alex's world is ripping at the seams. She can't use her credit cards or go home. She can't trust anyone except Vincent and Catherine just because she knows what Vincent is. For once, Vincent's "I'm dangerous to be around" warnings are real and so is the danger. The threat is so high that Catherine has to basically smuggle Alex out of town and as a shady man sits down behind her, we're left to wonder if Alex will make it to her destination alive.

Playing Alex out the way they have is one of the best choices the showrunners have made thus far. Not in terms of the romantic side, but her active paranoia and the danger she's placed in as a result of knowing Vincent gives all the previous episodes a gravity that very few other things - including the straightforward attacks made on Catherine - have managed to do. The bad guys are out there. This is what they're willing to do. Watch out.

On the more subversive side, said bad guys have their hooks on Evan. I've grown to like him more the less M.E. Ken Doll he's become. After his discovery of the bug last week, I was honestly hoping he'd end up as part of Team Vincent. There's still a chance he may, as his ties to JT already exist but still, the Honeypot has made her moves to bring him into Muirfield or else. I am wary of this subplot even as I am thrilled to see more villainry.

Now about the scene that caused me to terrify my pets and disturb my neighbors... After the dust settles, Cat comes home to find Vincent in the living room of that improbably large New York apartment and they talk about their issues - emotions and trust-wise. We're back in the romance, on Valentine's Day of all days, which Vincent tried with Catherine. She shot him down with good reason (see above, re:Alex) but still, we're back in the game, or at least on the pitch where the game is played. She cant always depend on him to be there but she can count on him "to do the right thing" which isn't the same but its better than a lot of people get and then? Then Vincent finally makes a move, slow and steady and sweetly asking how her heart feels, he backs her into her kitchen counter and I think "at last, merciful writers, I will get that long awaited kiss," but a hair's breadth from contact? Denied! Baby sister Heather appears to just ruin the situation and leave me making very undignified noises into my remote control.

I want my Vincent and Catherine kiss and I want it now. But I'm willing wait until next week. Begrudgingly, but I will wait.

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