Beauty And The Beast episode 11 review: On Thin Ice

Review Rachael Kates
1 Feb 2013 - 17:00

Beauty and the Beast is getting back on track after the winter hiatus. Here's Rachael's review...

This review contains spoilers.

1.11 On Thin Ice

Catherine is having a terrible week. Vincent is getting all twitterpaited over his former fiancee which is making him utterly stupid which is causing her no end of trouble. Not just heart-sick type trouble either, but honest to goodness trouble - the kind that requires Cat to swoop in and save him from beat cops. Things are sucking for Cat in the love department too because Alex is still around being all gorgeous, sweet, stealing meds for poor people in the off-the-grid clinic she works at for free, and generally awesome and likable. It's very frustrating, liking the other woman so much. Poor Cat. She can't really get back to work either, so as I said, this are just awful for her the whole way around.

Speaking of which, may I just say I really hate that the police counsellor Cat has been assigned for her "mental health evaluation" is really hot and charming. Why? Because if they've set him up as a romantic foil for Catherine, like Alex is for Vincent I will be so grossed out I won't be able to stand it. There are some lines that shouldnt be crossed. Therapist/client is one of the big ones.

While we're talking police work, Tess rocked it this week. With Catherine off duty, she pretty much handled the case of a failed skydiver with a sabotaged parachute on her own through supernetworking. Tess is used too sparingly and it was nice to see her on the job. While we're talking about the job I have to ask, what on earth is going on with Evan? He's rapidly becoming my favorite character on this show. How did that happen? I remember disliking him intensely only a few episodes ago. Now I find myself more and more interested in him every time he's on screen. He's interested in Catherine yet he's making out with Claire (who I'm fairly sure is the woman he brought to Catherine's birthday party a few episodes back) and was dating Cat's sister Heather, all of which should  make him skeevy but somehow I am charmed where earlier his behavior was icky. After last episode, Evan and JT are working together, and strangely the two of them combining him with JT in scenes makes them both more likable, even if that is one super tenuous relationship.

This episode is great for me we get a little more Muirfield. It was the least scary shadowy agency ever. Claire, the make-out girl, is a honeypot for the Muirfield spooks. I have been waiting for the show's plot going somewhere beyond spinning Cat around in circles that doesn't lead to Vincent's arms or into a battle with Muirfield.

Then I punched the air because both those things happened! Muirfield got going again and Catherine said, out loud, that she loves Vincent - even if Vincent isn't so sure anymore with Alex back in the picture. I may have done a Rocky air punch and some chair dancing. It feels like my show is getting back on track after the winter hiatus. Let's just hope it can stay that way.

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