Beauty And The Beast episode 5 review: Saturn Returns

Review Rachael Kates
12 Nov 2012 - 10:51

Rachael celebrates Beauty and the Beast receiving a full season order. Here's her review of this week's episode...

This review contains spoilers.

1.5 Saturn Returns

Beauty and the Beast got a full season order from The CW and I am beyond thrilled. I have been carefully holding myself back from throwing myself into this series (although you'd never know by looking) from the fear that it would be cut short and break my heart. Yet no! It will at least get the full 20/22ish episodes! Yay.

Thats about all the cheer I've got for this week though because this episode gutted me. Take a few of my favorite tropes and twist them like a knife and you have this episode for me. It was Catherine's birthday and despite years of tradition, this year she says she doesn't want a party. So naturally her sister, friends and co-workers just ignore that. Because why on earth would you listen to the person whose birthday it is and respect their wishes? I know! Ridiculous!

Yeah, I hate that on TV shows - when what people want is completely ignored for what their friends think is right for them. At least in this episode, that was addressed and was part of the overall theme. For everyone involved, the nature of choice and outside influence was pivotal. For Catherine, it was about her choices regarding Vincent. She had pressure put on her because of Heather and Tess wanting her to be "happy" preferably with a partner like Evan the ME for example. While for JT (who for the record I still don't like though I'm starting to at least appreciate as a fully formed character) the problem is dealing with the life choices he made with Vincent and what Vincent wants for him in his social life. These things conflict and just because other people want Catherine and JT to have things, doesn't mean they're attainable.

Vincent's the common denominator of these problems, so he blames himself as self-flagellation is a favorite hobby of his. By the same turn, he's on the expectation train with the rest of JT and Catherine's friends. He wants JT to find someone. He wants Catherine to be happy, although he's been stalking her birthday parties for the last decade which Catherine agrees is less than charming. He feels guilty but he's starting to have hope this week, which is one of my favorite developments this episode. He's also getting sick or something which is a whole other issue.

In the end, Catherine does have her party and it's one of my favorite scenes. Female friendships occurring on my screen. They are precious and in short supply on TV so Heather, Tess, and Catherine having fun and being social together in things like a rented photo booth is a total joy - even though Catherine professed that what she really wanted to do was spend her birthday one on one with Vincent.

Instead Evan the ME ends up making a drunken move in the photo booth, kissing Catherine. I don't know if the kiss was supposed to be sexy or something but she was drunk, he'd brought a date, and afterwards declared "You kissed me back" with an air of passive-aggressive entitlement - all of which combined to set off a red flag for manipulative behavior. That Vincent happened to see it when he stopped by to drop off Catherine's birthday present, which he wrapped himself, was just icing on the cake. Like I said - insert knife, twist sharply.

In the end, Catherine and JT both refused to be swayed. JT went after his happiness his own way in the form of asking out a fellow professor, but in his time, and Catherine refused to let Vincent freak out and run away because of the two lives issue. She chose both so she'd have both and invited him to a sit-down-with-candles dinner at her house. The episode ended with him on his way before blacking out, because of that whole strange health issue I mentioned above, and coming to on top of what looked like the Brooklyn Bridge while she blew out the candles on the table she'd set for two. Yeah. That one stung but for the first time, I'm left with real questions so I'd say that's some serious progress from my little show that could.

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