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Review Rachael Kates
29 Oct 2012 - 09:04

An important moment between Catherine and Vincent in this week's episode melts Rachael's heart. Here's her review...

This review contains spoilers.

This past week, the shot callers at the CW ordered three more scripts for Beauty and the Beast, and I couldn't be happier. I've heard some less-than-kind things said about this show out in the sea of troubles that is the internet but personally, I think it's a little show that is getting stronger and stronger each episode, and this week's was no exception.

Everyone is becoming a more fully realized character - besides JT, who's going to need a great character arc to change my opinion. Catherine and her sister Heather continue to be precious. Only now Heather is sisterly with bonus half-nude man-candy as she continues to be the string that ties Cat to their father.

As far as the cases go, Tess got to shine because for the first time, they touched on the fact that there are two women working as an effective team in a male-dominated field. A fellow detective Wolanski, who just happens to be Tess's ex-partner of two years, even calls them "The Estrogen Squad" which is so many different types of unacceptable that I lack the word count to fully express it.

Tess is a fulcrum on this case - on the unfairness of Wolanski getting credit for a collar that she and Catherine make, on Catherine's behavior, on the balance of the case itself. Tess is the voice of reason this episode in a way that I'm assuming JT is supposed to be all the time. However, Tess is actually believable when she calls out the inequality of the situation between the two detective teams and more so when she accuses Catherine of going off the deep end, being too in her own head, and too self-involved when it comes to her mom. She's angry, righteously so, because she's doing everything right but Catherine and the sexist nature of the job keep blowing things up in her face.

Vincent popping up with the random advice of "hey, your suspect is innocent, yes, I know that for a fact" doesn't help, at least when it comes to Cat staying grounded. What it does is draw out another confrontation between the two of them which, yay, I love! They never fight for fighting's sake. There's substance under the aruging. Vincent rightly freaks out about her putting him at risk; however, he sets all the terms and Catherine isn't having it. When her case leads her to two little girls in hiding, one of whom is sick and possibly dying, she isn't having a man with medical training going to waste either. Her tolerance for Vincent's BS was low to begin with but by this point, she seems to have lost it completely. He's a healer, and when the circumstances call for it, she pushes him back into his preferred role. It's unspoken, yet clear that he's happy to be there.

But this episode is the first time we ever see Vincent lose it even remotely up close. His face rippled. His veins popped. His eyes glowed. He snarled and lashed out like the titular beast I have been waiting for since the cold open of the pilot. Then Catherine soothes him; she stops him from losing control. She tells him that it's okay, that he's safe, and he hears her in his berserker rage, believes her, lets her get close enough to cup his mutated cheek and comfort him with her touch. Yeah. That's it for me. I'm gone. There's no helping me from that moment, where she eases him down despite all their fighting or maybe because of it. I blame Beast, Belle and the general appeal of a tale as old as time.

That moment of tenderness was the clincher for me this week. My absolute favourite thing this episode - when it comes to the budding romance between Catherine and Vincent - is that after all the chaos was over, they sat down and took steps towards defining their relationship. Like adults! I keep saying that in reviews of this show - but go out and watch TV romances and see how often the couples actually behave like the grown ups they're supposed to be. You'll find it's not nearly often enough. 

In the long term, the fact that the two of them can sit down and come up with a set of rules is at least as important as her getting his animal under control. They are building a trusting relationship while maintaining a healthy distance that doesn't involve creepy stalking (Vincent) or unnecessary home invasion (Catherine). It's a more melodramatic, high stakes version of the establishment of boundaries that couples out in the real world have to do. The difference is that these particular strictures are to keep people from getting murdered and/or experimented on by the government. Still, it was cute, them working out a timeline for contact and him giving her his phone number, even if it would only work for 3 days. After that Catherine knows about as much as we do - so we'll all have to wait for what comes next together.

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