Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome pilot to air online

News Louisa Mellor 6 Nov 2012 - 08:48

Here’s some salve to the wound of those looking forward to Syfy’s uncommissioned Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome series…

Anyone impatient to see the pilot of Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome before Syfy airs it next year is in luck, as Machinima’s YouTube Channel is to release the two-hour episode in a series of seven to twelve-minute chunks over the next four weeks, starting this Friday the 9th of November. 

The Battlestar Galactica prequel, set in the tenth year of the original Cylon war and starring Skins’ Luke Pasqualino as the young Bill Adama, was set to follow the Viper pilot’s first assignment to the Galactica. 

Having failed to make it to a season commission, the two-hour pilot is expected to be given a DVD release in 2013 in addition to the planned YouTube and Syfy airings, though unfortunately, that's our lot. Admittedly it's better than nothing, but the announcement comes tinged with 'what could have been' disappointment over what looked at one point to be a welcome continuation of a much-loved franchise. So say we all.


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God dammit that trailer looks so awesome!!

That looks amazing. How on Earth did this not get commissioned for a series? Let's keep our fingers crossed that the DVD sales force them to take notice.
Mark Stern and SyFy are a complete disgrace. They are a bunch of gutless, selfish, no-good, morons who'll be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes!!

It did look very cool didnt it. A part of me wishes that the Battlestar Galactic tv series reboot we got was more like this. More fighting , more robot Cylons more action and not the cod religeon, who is God, final five, whats going on, why are we here, what are we doing, is there a higher purpose, type thing we ended up with. I wanted more fighting and action dogfights etc. And the last ever episode where it all comes full circle and Starbuck turns out to have been dead all along, yet is somehow still there, but then vanishes because God or some higher entity sent her back for some reason still makes little sense or point. Oh well hope this is as good as it looks, and its not another trailer where we have just seen all the best bits and that is all the action we will see in the "film" and the rest of it is dull padding. Not that I am cynical and jaded or anything...heheheh

Who gave me a thumbs down for slagging SYFY?? Whoever you are, you're a disgrace as well. We all know that Mark Stern and SyFy have continuously dropped the ball on good science fiction, and have clearly mistreated this Pilot. To think that something of this calibre is starting as a web based series in 10 minute increments is quite pathetic. Meanwhile, wrestling continues to air.

You forgot the spoiler tag, and as such have ruined the ending for me which I have yet to see as about to start season 4. I HATE YOU

Agreed. SyFy is no longer the home of science fiction, but anything that makes money.

I don't think Davros really understood the ending - watch it for yourself and decide. He really didn't ruin anything, in my opinion (especially regarding Starbuck). But, for your sake, please continue to watch it. The last few episodes are pure gold for me.

I got a "Halo: Forward Unto Dawn" vibe a few times watching that. I'm stoked - perhaps if enough people view the pilot we can convince the powers that be to fund this baby!

It worked for Futurama and Serenity...

Actually - maybe the blokes at Netflix will scoop this up and self-fund it.

I know...whoops sorry! I did not mean to ruin it for you. I sort of thought all fans might have seen it by now. As for it being pure gold at the end....I still dont know what to think. Yes certain characters end up in good places etc but erm..what do I say without spoiling it more. I still wanted to see more dogfights with cylons etc and more warefare in the series than we got. But it was very good , I enjoyed it no end. I suppose I just wanted a bit more out of it and less of the Urm what the hell was that about factor... I did get the ending though despite what I said, and it was clever in a way, especially by being not what you would expect. It almost did a LOST on us, almost....All I can really really say about how I felt about it, is that after all the seasons that had gone before, I felt the last one was the weakest and it did not feel like enough of a payoff after all the characters had gone through. I also think the final five thing a bit stupid, its like who could they pick out of all of them to be Cylons and they wrote themselves into a hole with it. I wanted a more straight forward run and gun, humans vs robots guerilla war in space, and less mystic mumbo jumbo, origins and god crap etc...If I wanted that I would have watched LOST...erm...oh wait I did! Heh Heheh

Perhaps you'll get a little of the humans vs robots action with the aptly-named Blood and Chrome pilot. If the pilot is half as good as the trailer makes it seem, then SyFy execs should resign and beg to be taken on by some reality-only network. They certainly don't deserve to be at the helm of "Sci-Fi". Morons!

shivers down my spine watching that!

This could have been amazing, I'm sure BSG fans still have enough goodwill towards the show to get behind it and make it a success. I can only assume that ScyFi channel got their finger burnt with 'Caprica' and were not willing to take another chance on a BSG spin off.

Am I alone in thinking the suit in the picture looks a bit similar to those in the 70's version? Would be a nice little nod, if B & C is meant to be set 20/30 years previously.

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