Bates Motel season 2 casting news and start date

News Michael Noble 3 Jan 2014 - 17:24

The Bates Motel will be reopening on the 3rd of March in the US...

When it debuted last year, Bates Motel quickly established itself as a rather pleasant surprise. Rebooting a landmark Hollywood property is a risky enterprise, but showrunner Carlton Cuse achieved it by keeping just a couple of key elements from the original Psycho franchise and adding plenty of original elements to create an effective potboiler that was brim-full of creepiness.

He may be looking at repeating the trick with season two, which will debut on the A&E network on the third of March and sometime after that on the Universal channel in the UK. New additons to the cast include Michael Vartan and Rebecca Creskoff as brother and sister George and Christine, who befriend Norma Bates. Kenny Johnson, who some of you may remember as Lem from The Shield, will also be joining the show as Norma’s brother Caleb.

Fans of the show will already know that a new arrival to White Pine Bay isn’t always a good thing for Norm ‘n’ Norma, but it should make things rather more thrilling for viewers. In an interview with, Nestor Carbonell (Sheriff  Alex Romero) explained that the events that closed season 1 will be dealt with "pretty quickly", leaving room for the show to take things elsewhere.

Wherever that is, it’s bound to be pretty dark.

Read more about Bates Motel here. 


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I really enjoyed season 1 and really looking forward to season 2,however i just hope we don't have to wait so long here in the UK as i think we were some 6 months after the U.S with season 1....which isn't on in this day and age and there is no excuse for it :p

Lucky you. Season 1 hasn't even finished airing in my country so I'm not sure when we'll be getting Season 2. I usually just download the episode or watch it online, then re-watch it when it airs so it doesn't make any difference to viewer numbers etc.

If u flick over 2 iTunes u.s' store, u
should be able 2 watch bates motel season2 a day or so after it airs on u.s t.v..

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