Banshee renewed for season 3

Interview Michael Noble 31 Jan 2014 - 06:41

Cinemax orders a third season of action drama Banshee...

We were as pleasantly surprised as the rest of you when Banshee kicked and punched its way into our lives last year. The show, which follows an unnamed ex-con after he adopts the identity of a small town Pennsylvania sheriff, offers pulpy thrills a-plenty, lashings of violence and, unexpectedly, fascinating insights into the culture of the Amish. 

Cable broadcaster Cinemax has announced that they have ordered a third season, which will appear next year. Season 2 is currently being broadcast in the US and will soon be shown on Sky Atlantic in the UK too. 

More news as we get it.

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Sweet! Really underrated show. So far season 2 has been quality.

I'm not sure why I watch Banshee. It's trashy, it's far fetched, but it hasn't got the qualities that made me give up The Shield and Sons of Anarchy after 20 minutes.

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