TV Baftas 2014: Doctor Who, In The Flesh & more...

News Louisa Mellor 19 May 2014 - 07:22

Let's find out which geek shows were rewarded by a shiny golden face at last night's Bafta TV awards...

Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor saw off competition from Breaking BadBroadchurch, Educating Yorkshire, Gogglebox and The Great British Bake-Off to win the public-voted Radio Times Audience Award at last night's Bafta TV ceremony. Hoo and indeed ray for that.

Elsewhere, Chris Chibnall's Broadchurch won in a number of categories, including Best Drama, Best Actress for Olivia Colman, Best Supporting Actor for David Bradley (who was also great in Mark Gatiss' An Adventure In Space And Time, nominated for Best Single Drama but pipped to the post by Complicit). 

BBC Three's superb In The Flesh was rewarded with the Mini-Series Bafta for its three-part first series, a deserved win over Southcliffe (for which lead Sean Harris picked up Best Actor), The Fall, and Chris Chibnall's two-part The Great Train Robbery (good job really, the man's fast running out of space on the mantelpiece).

In terms of comedy, the only actress we'd have been happy to see take the Best Comedy Performance award from Best Sitcom-winning Him And Her's Laura Howard was The IT Crowd's Katherine Parkinson, and that's what happened. Richard Ayoade beat chum Chris O'Dowd to the Best Male Comedy Performance and gave a characteristically witty and charming acceptance speech.

Elsewhere, Best Supporting Actress went to Sarah Lancashire for Last Tango In Halifax. Breaking Bad won the Best International Series award (no arguments from us there, despite The Returned and House Of Cards also being great nominations). David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive won Best Specialist Factual Programme, Ant and Dec won almost everything else, and they gave Cilla Black a very special award for that time she did this at the Royal Variety Performance.

A full list of nominees and winners is available here.


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I loved the fact that for single drama, when the nominations were read out, the only real reaction was for "An Adventure..." And then when Capt. Earnest started off on his political acceptance bit, the lady who was up there with him was visibly squirming.... You could see her thinking "it's hosted by Graham Norton, they've just given Cilla a lifetime award - FFS add something camp or lighten the tone!"

Good for Doctor Who. Pleased for Olivia Coleman, who is a fine actress but I think Broadchurch is desperately overrated. Chris Chibnall's writing a BAFTA winner? Dear God!

A very good night for ITV... says it all really.

True. I really think Olivia Colman is single handedly responsible for Broadchurch winning the award. Extremely overrated compared with superior drama such as Peaky Blinders, In the Flesh, Utopia, Southcliffe and a very average midsummer murders plot that was dragged out for far too long. Olivia was so good though that these shortcomings were overlooked by BAFTA. I doubt this will be looked back as any sort of classic show. I do wonder how they will make the second season but hopefully David Tennant's character will keel over fairly quickly to spare us more of his gurning and overacting and leave the lovely Olivia to get on with it!

what, exactly, does it say? you seem to be implying something, but i can't work it out. please enlighten me.

Doctor Who won the Radio Times Audience award, which is pretty much a popularity contest, so I'm not surprised it won over the other nominees, except perhaps Bakeoff,

I suppose, as I'm not a massive fan of ITV per se, I'm surprised to see it win in so many categories. That said, well done to the winners, some fine shows there - no question. But Ant and Dec? Really?. A special award for Cilla?!! They couldn't give her a fellowship so they invented an award to "celebrate" her (too) many years in television. For the most part BAFTA is about celebrating "quality television" - admittedly a difficult thing to quantify. One would expect Ant and Dec (and especially Cilla) to clean-up at the National TV Awards or the possibly the Comedy Awards but BAFTA? It was a real kick up the backside to the BBC to invest more in good comedy and drama. When one of the categories was basically the two actors from The IT Crowd (excellent series but at 8 years old hardly cutting edge) versus the two from The Wrong Mans (new - but contains James Corden) then you know the Awards are in trouble.

Nothing for Gillian Anderson and The Fall? A solitary nomination that's all?

Agree. BBC should axe the never-ending 28 year old Casualty (currently attracting 5 million - unlike the 15 million who watched in its late 80s/early 90s heyday) and Holby City (older than the axed Waterloo Road!) and put the budgets into something more original. ITV has something of a commitment to original drama in the 9pm slot and deservedly won a clutch of awards for its drama output. The BBC claims to be the home of Original British Drama. Time to prove it!

Ok two nominations! The mini series award was deemed not important enough for the main show. Curiously the awards show was one of the tautest and shortest. Sour grapes on the part of the BBC perchance?

The Doctor who TV:BAFTA is not worth the gold it's mad of. If Doctor Who got a Best Drama award or something I'd be pleased. but it got an award because people voted for it in a magazine. May as well got Nothing.

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