Resurrected Babylon Fields pilot casts leads

News Louisa Mellor 25 Feb 2014 - 07:51

CBS' defunct back-from-the-dead pilot, Babylon Fields, is being revived by NBC with Skeet Ulrich in the lead...

The annual pilot cull passes by unnoticed most years, its casualties easily given up and rarely missed. In 2007 though, one CBS pilot was a regrettable loss, Babylon Fields, a drama telling the story of a small town whose dead loved ones mysteriously come back to them.

NBC obviously felt the same way, as they're reviving the premise with a new cast, evidently hoping to jump on today's un-zombie genre bandwagon. Jericho and Law & Order's Skeet Ulrich will be co-starring with Californication's Meagan Good in the new pilot.

Seven years after Babylon Fields was first mounted, the small screen has become a crowded place for back-from-the-dead drama. Alongside French original series Les Revenants, soon to enter its second season, The Returned A&E remake of the same, and ABC's forthcoming Resurrection, is there room for another version of this story?

Read more about The Returned, here.


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The amount of "zombie" series is becoming too high! Heck, even The Clone Wars had zombies at one point.

Nope. No room. Will fail.

I can't see why not. There are plenty of police procedurals that go on and on and on.

But people got pretty sick of those and now most new procedurals (whether they involve police or not) are given a very lukewarm reception and find themselves cancelled before the end of the first season.

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