First full trailer for Joss Whedon's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D

Trailer Den Of Geek 15 May 2013 - 09:48

Agent Coulson is back in Joss Whedon's new Marvel TV show. Here's the first full trailer for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Get ready to get excited. The first trailer for Joss Whedon's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show has been released, and it looks fantastic. 

The title tells you most of what you need to know about it - it's a superhero drama set in the same Marvel universe as Avengers Assemble, and it focuses on the, um, agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Department, according to the trailer), the government agency dealing with strange cases. Like the cases involving spandex clad aliens, for example. Clark Gregg is back as Agent Coulson, and the cast also features Nashville's Chloe Bennett, The Fades's Iain de Caestecker, and Angel's J. August Richards.

But you're not even reading this, are you? You've already scrolled down to watch the trailer. We don't blame you.

Upsettingly, there's no word yet on a UK broadcast date, or even a broadcaster, but we imagine that'll get sorted out soon.

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Chloe Bennett (from Nashville), not Chloe Gregg - sorry to be pedantic, only discovered after a fruitless search on IMDB

Throwing in a bit of ambiguity regarding J August Richards role. With the Tide Rising viral site, this is looking really interesting.

In the words of Daniel Bryan '-YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!'

If ABC don't do what they do with Castle, and release it on iTunes worldwide the SECOND it airs in the US, then I'm going to do what I do best and be an angry yet impotent Hulk.

Sorry, that was a daft typing mistake! Fixed it now.

I wonder how many Marvel heroes they're allowed to use? So is the black powered up character there (which is the J August Richards character right?) Luke Cage? He's seems to share some abilities with him? And if he is, has Marvel said to them they can use some of the Marvels gallery but reserved some of them for future films? You wouldn't want to use any superhero incidentally incase you threw away the chance of developing them into a movie. Why throw away a Luke Cage movie character for the sake of a couple of episodes?

Ooh, tilt-shifting - how very Dollhouse.

Watched it to the end, an Eliza Dushku lookalike - how very Dollhouse

Weirdly, THIS is the marvel project I'm most excited about right now. There's such fantastic potential, and the fact the Joss is managing the show means we should all be in for a treat.

I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure that's the voice of Coby Smulders' Agent Maria Hill from 0:27. That would be awesome.

He might in fact be 'Rage' a completely different character...

This TV show is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so characters from this can go on to appear in MCU films - and vice versa (eg Maria Hill from The Avengers might appear in the TV show).

So if it was Luke Cage he could then go on to appear, for example, in Avengers 2.

Good news and bad news.

Good news is, the show will be on.

Bad news is, the show will be on Tuesday nights, opposite NCIS.

NCIS is the most watched drama in the US. (NCIS = Naval Criminal Investigative Service.)

No UK release date... I'm worried. Especially because Marvel has taken a policy of releasing things slightly early here to garner hype for the US and boost opening day sales.

That is Cobie Smulders at the start though, and I'd love if she played a more important role in this show.

Oh great, paternal figure and unfeasibly attractive young cast, how interesting and unlike a US television series.

hmmm it looks like it will work :-).

Sure, but would they want to use up the more famous characters on the TV show. Surely they'd want to save them for possible film spin-offs. You don't want to create a luke cage for an episode or two, which then writes him off as a potential film character.

You could also build him up to be a potential film character by explaining his origins and back story leaving the character open to larger film opportunities.


Paint me a fine shade of excited. Bit annoying that they are all so young and beautiful, bit CSI Miami. Hopefully there will be a fair bit of Nick Fury around at some point too.

On the young dumb and bla bla bla, I think a nice addition to change that up a bit would be Neil Mcdunough's Dum Dum Dugan (say that 5 times fast) from Captain America, hat and all. Of course, and I have no idea whatsoever, he may appear in the Winter Soldier. Or not. And die in it. Or not.

I didn't accuse it of being superficial, I suggested that it is par for the course with this type of series. Hey man, get a life you square. Either shape up, or ship out bozo.

If young and pretty gets the early audience - the more the better - we can only hope that depth and quality will keep them and attract more for the long haul.

You get more curious eyes with young and pretty over old and horse-faced. Such is the reality of the human species. It ain't fair, but it is a fact.

Well then they caNCIS their audience goodbye!

I just hope she's not an actalike. Sheesh...


Thing is, they won't. NCIS has something about 18-20 million viewers per episode. It's the most viewed tv show and you have to be very optimistic to even think that SHIELD will beat ten years of that title.

LMAO - "But you're not even reading this, are you? You've already scrolled down to watch the trailer. We don't blame you." YES I DID - how did you know!?

Also a kick ass Ming-Na Wen, from ER, and more recently Stargate Universe. This trailer shows the funny script "It means someone really wanted our initials to spell SHIELD" it shows the Whedon alumnus, J August Richards, and it shows the action. Can't wait.

Looks full of overly familiar tropes. & the soundtrack was terribly generic

Only if Marvel does a very nice set of deals with RDJ and company, to include cameos on the TV show.

I'm sure it's just a temp soundtrack.

NCIS has been a very strong show, a rare show that actually got more popular the longer it was on.

It just finished its 10th season and I'm sensing a little give in it now, a little weariness.

Though the latest season just ended on a good cliffhanger involving the Iranians, the CIA, the assassination of the head of the Israeli Mossad (by his Mossad protege), and an attack investigation of our hero team by a sleazy Washington lawyer.

The new head of the Mossad, incidentally, is played by Marina Sirtis, native of some place called London, who starred on a little show called Star Trek: The Next Generation.

She is definitely not Counselor Troi in this role.

Explain “Breaking Bad“ then...

It's been announced that it's not Luke Cage.

The TV would be a good way to build up supporting characters though.

Fringe meets Alphas with the budget of BSG. So long as it takes all the quality of Fringe and none of the quality of Alphas it can't be bad. Can it? Can it?

Fringe and Alphas had something else in common - low, low ratings

It does sound like her. I think once HIMYM finishes - it must have one more season to go now - then she will join up with the cast. Maybe in Season 2 or 3.

Agreed. The bad thing about The Avengers is that with such a large cast, we aren't going to be emotional involved with the supporting characters, but if they appear in a few episodes in Shield first then we'll care whenever they get hurt or even die. It's an excellent way to get to know the characters in way we wouldn't in a two and half hour film.

Superhero drama and the fine as silk, sexy asian hottie Ming-Na Wen? Yup, im in. :)

This trailer I like it! Show me another!

Awesome needs no explanation.

I meant the old and horse-faced and the young and pretty argument...but you're right! Best show in years.

I attribute that show's initial audience almost completely to: "Malcolm in the Middle's dad? a drug dealer?? This I gotta see..."

They didn't need the young/pretty gimmick as they had one far more enticing.


that trailer gives me goosebumps of anticipation

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