Casting news for Atlantis series 2

News Louisa Mellor
4 Apr 2014 - 06:55

Amy Manson and Vincent Regan will respectively play Medea and Dion in Atlantis series 2...

Now filming is series 2 of BBC Saturday night adventure series, Atlantis, due a return to our screens this autumn.

With new episodes come new legends and new characters to enact them. One of those new characters has been confirmed by the BBC as Medea, the woman who - according to Euripides at least - murdered her children as revenge for being left by her husband. We're not sure that the family-friendly Atlantis will tackle that part of her story...

Playing Medea is Amy Manson (below, Being HumanOutcasts), whom you may remember as the actress who reportedly made it to the final stages of The CW's Wonder Woman casting before the project was killed.

Joining Manson will be 300's Vincent Regan (below) in the role of Dion, whose precognitive daughters - a quick Wikipedia search reveals - were turned into rocks and a walnut tree by a vengeful Dionysus.


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