BBC renews Atlantis for series 2

News Louisa Mellor
26 Oct 2013 - 00:01

BBC One family adventure show Atlantis has been renewed for a second series...

The BBC's Saturday evening adventure show Atlantis will have the chance to iron out its early wrinkles and expand into a second series next year, it's been confirmed.

The Howard Overman-written series, produced by Merlin co-creators Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps, will be returning to its Chepstow and Morocco sets next year to film the new episodes, which, we're told, will build upon the mythological world of the drama.

Also revealed by the BBC are two new guest stars for the first series' second half, Robert Lindsey and John Hannah, who will be appearing in as-yet undisclosed roles.

We imagine there's a pun to be made in the realm of Atlantis not sinking/going under yet, but we've a sneaking suspicion that the yearly quota of those may already have been filled. International wordplay law contravention is no laughing matter, people.

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