The significance of the final shot of Ashes To Ashes

News Simon Brew
21 May 2010 - 10:06

Spoiler alert: want to know what the very last, post-credits shot of Ashes To Ashes was all about? Then click right here...

Once the credits had rolled on Ashes To Ashes for the final time, the episode finished off by cutting to some black and white footage of a policeman bidding us all farewell.

Here's a screengrab...

We suspect that many of you will have worked out the significance of the shot, but in case you didn't, what you saw was a clip from Dixon Of Dock Green. Specifically, it was a very early Dixon Of Dock Green.

So why was it chosen? Because the character of Dixon had - and we thank Matthew Graham for clarifying this - been shot and killed in the precursor feature film, and was brought back from the dead for the television show.

A lovely final touch, we thought...

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