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23 Jul 2014 - 07:50

Arrow executive producer Andrew Kriesberg has been chatting about the two Arrow/The Flash crossover episodes...

The Flash isn't the only one with a knack for acceleration according to Arrow executive producer Andrew Kriesberg - the storytelling on The CW's DC comic book adaptations is also going to move apace. 

Discussing the forthcoming Arrow/The Flash crossover "event", Kriesberg told Entertainment Weekly, "We just don't believe in waiting. We really believe in accelerated storytelling and especially for those first nine episodes of the season - for both shows - hopefully we’ve designed it so that none of these [make you say], ‘Well, I missed that one, it's fine". 

What can fans expect from the two-hour crossover, due to arrive at episode eight of each new season? "It's really going to be an adventure with the Arrow and Flash on both episodes. Watching the two teams come together and fight alongside each other, it's one of the most fun parts", says Kriesberg. Will the united teams be fighting Arrow's big bad, or The Flash's? No comment as yet.

According to Kriesberg, the November crossover episodes will lead into "spectacular and amazing midseason finales" for both shows, described as "game-changers". And what better way to lead into it than by having this amazing team-up?”. Well, quite.

Entertainment Weekly

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