Arrow season 2 episode 21 review: City Of Blood

Review Caroline Preece 2 May 2014 - 11:46

The effects of last week's events are still taking their toll, but everything's about to kick off again in Arrow...

This review contains spoilers.

2.21 City Of Blood

Traditionally in shows like Arrow, the penultimate episode of the season is a contemplative hour designed to set the emotional scene before the epic, action-packed showdown of the final episode. City of Blood fills that purpose but, excitingly, it’s not doing the groundwork for just one episode, but two. We’re still a fortnight away from the end of Arrow’s second season and, if this episode is anything to go by, things are going to get pretty tough for Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow before we wrap up for the summer.

City of Blood is basically about recounting the effects of Moira’s murder, with no Slade and an entire chunk of the hour also without our hero. Oliver has a history of hiding himself away when things get tough, doing the same thing as recently as the beginning of the season following Tommy’s death, so the sight of his empty chair at his mother’s funeral wasn’t a particularly surprising one. The lack of Oliver and Sara here actually gave us much more time than normally available to spend with supporting characters like Diggle, Felicity and Thea, and that’s probably going to pay off when the action kicks off next week.

Because the episode didn’t just leave us with one enticing cliffhanger, but about half a dozen of them. Slade might have been absent, but his Mirakuru minions are a suitably threatening substitute for Oliver to deal with for the time being and, without Roy or Sara to back him up in the superhero department, the chances of survival against an army of Slade’s super-charged lackeys is even slimmer than usual. He’s dead set on handing himself over at one point in this episode, saying goodbye to friends and family and convincing himself that Slade will stop once he’s dead, and that’s pretty much the lowest point a hero like him can get to.

The ease in which Laurel convinced him to fight back really signals to the audience that he never really believed that his death would end the tirade at all – he just couldn’t see another way out. Stoic, solitary Oliver might not be the best company, but this version of the character pushed to his limits and on the verge of giving up is used sparingly enough on the show to still be effective. When it happens, the time Arrow has spent developing its supporting cast means that there’s always some plausible way for one of them to snap him out of his funk, and this week it was Laurel’s turn.

Really, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for Oliver and Laurel to get on the same page, secret-wise, but now they both know that the other one knows they know (or something) and we might finally have started on the Laurel-becomes-Black-Canary story that was teased way back in the pilot. That Sara has made for a far more convincing, likeable and compelling Black Canary is pretty much the consensus at this point, but the mistakes made with Laurel’s character this season feel as if they’re being slowly rectified and, watching City of Blood, it no longer feels so implausible that she may one day don her sister’s mask.

Just not yet. Like with Thea, Laurel’s journey to becoming someone able to fight alongside The Arrow isn’t quite there yet, despite some good work on both this season, and the second run of the show had to introduce figures from the island like Slade and Sara to be believable equals for Oliver on both sides. Next year, if rumours about John Barrowman (back next week) being the main villain are true, Thea should finally get something more substantial to do. We can also assume that the Roy issue will mend itself in the final two episodes, giving Oliver one kid sidekick with room for another.

Next week – mayhem and chaos in Starling as Slade’s soldiers tear through the city, threatening the life of every series regular in the process. See you there!

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Good episode though the writers did insult us a bit with the use of the bugging device. It wasn't hard to work out laurel placed a device under the desk but to give it the brightest red flashing light to prove it was some sort of spy device took the biscuit. Aren't these things meant to be discreet? Certainly any further guests or Blood's secretary would see it. It might as well have beeped...

Starling City - Twinned with Holby

I really love Arrow, but are they really gonna just blow up the city at the end of every season?

that's not the weirdest part of that device. How does a lawyer (an admittedly good lawyer) get hold of a battery powered bug that wirelessly hacks in to the nearest computer and then broadcasts it to a remote server presumably not in the same building? All the while flashing. What's the range on that? Is it linked via a 4G system? What's the battery life? Why would you threaten that battery life by having a flashing LED? WHERE DID SHE GET IT FROM??

Admittedly if it was any one else in Team Arrow they could have used the "Felicity made it out of hair pins and gum" route.

Until the 4th Season when they accidentally blow up Coast City and send Hal Jordan spiralling out of control (great link into a JLA movie). It could

Sorry Laurel will never ever be believable as Canary and she does not belong in the lair writers kill off your dead weight in Laurel and keep the awesome sister Sara

So glad I stuck with this. I was ready to bail after 5 or 6 episodes of the 1st series, but it's become genuinely one of my favourite shows. I'm waiting to see what the phone call from Star Labs is about - a Mirakuru cure or "Hey, so Barry just woke up and GUESS what he can do". I'm so hoping for the latter.

haha I paused the telly and shouted at that point as did my wife. "OH COME ON COULD YOU HAVE MADE IT ANY BRIGHTER!!?" lol

Totally agree with this. Fine to let her in on the secret but how she can replace a character that has been established as having had years of combat training is beyond me. The transition from lawyer to masked crime fighter does not happen overnight (it takes a vat of radioactive chemicals, turning blind and lots of walking on rooftops with a mystical teacher and, possibly, your somewhat emotionally imbalanced Greek girlfriend).

It's a police bug she got it from her dad.

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