Has Arrow's season 3 antagonist been revealed?

News Louisa Mellor 25 Mar 2014 - 07:54

Spoilers ahead as actor Manu Bennett hints at who will be Arrow's major antagonist in season 3...

Warning: contains potential spoilers for Arrow season 3

Out of courtesy we've decorated this tidbit with spoiler warnings, but very few Arrow fans are likely to see this as potentially surprise-ruining news.

Chiefly, that's because the character in question was revealed to have survived early on in season two, and has been on the back boiler ever since while Oliver Queen deals with the threat Slade Wilson represents to his family and Starling City. We knew he was back, we knew he was still a villain, so there was every chance that season three would see him return as the primary antagonist. That character? John Barrowman's Malcolm Merlyn. 

Speaking at last weekend's Florida MegaCon, Slade Wilson actor Manu Bennett hinted strongly that Merlyn would be back as the big bad of Arrow's third season. Bennett was more tight-lipped about the fate of his own character, but if Wilson survives the season two finale, he and Merlyn could prove a powerful duo...

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I don't know if it's just that I'm mental, but I keep expected Tommy to be Lazarus-pit-style resurrected and set against Oliver as "Dark Tommy" at some point.

Green Arrow is one of the few DC comics I've never really read (always saw him as a sort of low-grade Batman, if I'm being honest) so I've no idea if Tommy was (a) in the comics and (b) does or doesn't have any major role to play?

"Dark Tommy" sounds like a Power Rangers plot....GO...GREEN RANGER...GO! Sorry.
Don't worry about missing anything with Tommy, both him and "Malcolm" don't appear in the comics Merlyn is a character called Arthur King in the comic book history.
There making their own lore and connections up with this show. Which isn't a criticism, they're throwing in the occasional winks and nods to the DCU lore but they're playing with expectations and creating their own mythology.

Point taken about "Dark Tommy!" :D

Cool, thanks for that info re: Merlyn, though. I like that they're trying to have their own take on the character (and I think it's for the better - the goatee and Robin Hood costume would probably have been a bit camp).

I have to admit I went full-fanboy with the little Harley reference dropped into the last episode, though. I love her.

While Malcolm will most likely turn up again I think Ra'as Al-Ghul will be the season 3 big bad. He's been mentioned a lot this season, they must be building up to him.

Been saying he'll kidnap Thea at the end of this season since he was revealed to be alive. He likely won't team up with Slade as some think though, since they have two seperate agendas (Slade plans to killing Thea, vs Merlins goal of turning her into a version of himself). Saving Thea will be the main plot of the first half of next season, it will also give Oliver and unstable Roy a mutual goal.

Aye, as much as the Dark Archer was pretty good storyline. I think making him the big bad for Season 3 would be a step backwards. Sort of been there done that. Same reason you should never go on holiday to the same place twice. Theres more to the world.

Argh why can't season 2 come out on Netflix/blu-ray already?! I want to watch it and I'm getting extremely impatient :(

That would be a cool storyline.

The New 52 version of the character is actually called "Tommy Merlyn", and was introduced as Ollies best friend who was put into a coma.

Nice idea, but I think it would seem like a step back again to S1. How about now Thea has been taken, Merlyn and Team Ollie band together (for Theas sake) I'm not saying I know how, but to attack Slade on two fronts. Would be a tenuous partnership full of potential double crosses?

I get your point but I disagree since not only is Malcolm Merlyn Green Arrow's Joker (main reoccuring villain) he also now is being hunted (thus bringing resolution) not only by Oliver but the League of Assassins too. Which also ties into Sarah's plotline and Roy's (raging against Oliv as Arsenal or as his number 1 sidekick Red Arrow... and due to Thea being the subject matter it could be played either way).

Plus the best villains are always the ones with personal connections and Malcolm is Oliver's half sister's father and the man who killed his father and best friend... plus he'd bring in Ras Al Ghul who Sarah fears.

Not saying they can't team up to save her next episode just that if they do their alliance will be fleeting at best, plus an alliance between them isn't exactly a great season ender, midseason maybe but not a season ender... however him kidnapping Thea or Thea choosing him over Oliver is a great season ender.

Lord Ryus: I was thinking the exact same thing!
I figured Malcolm Merlin will make his play while Oliver's saving Sterling City during this season's conclusion.
Then next season will begin with Oliver having been gone 6 months again, searching the world for Thea.
But I doubt she'll pop up again until the mid-season finale.
Also agree with your assessment: Slade and Merlin would never team up.
They are both Alphas ... separate agendas too, as you mentioned.

Just wondering now who else will discover Oliver's identity ... it might as well be front page news on "The Inquirer."
Do look forward to next season's island flashbacks though ... my favorite part of the show.

I would love to have in the third season something to do with the league of assassins. Something with Ra's al Ghul just because once oliver told if he gets angry everyone will die he was more scared than Slade.

i agree

Kinda wish they hadn't put Merlyn in Ra's' cross-hairs... That would have made for an epic season 3. Ollie discovers through Sara that Malcolm brought Thea to Nanda Parbat to train with the League, goes to get her back and has to face off with Merlyn AND Ra's. Likely, though, season 3 will see Ollie teaming up with Ra's to get Thea back and kill Merlyn, respectively. Don't understand why they made Ra's condemn Merlyn anyways. The Undertaking is kinda... WAY up Ra's alley. Batman Begins/Arkham City, anyone? And that's just his movie/game versions, where he only wants to kill bad people. Usually he just tries to kill pretty much everyone.

Not sure we'll ever really get to see Ollie face off with Ra's, though, for the same reason we'll probably never see Harley again, or at least not in any capacity beyond a quick cameo: Ra's is one of Batman's greatest enemies (about the only one I'll put on even footing with the Joker, actually) and in Harley's case, where she is, Mista J can't be far behind. These guys give Batman a hard-time (and how long has HE been at this?), so to have Ollie go up against them and win is unrealistic at best. Batman is really the only one who can go up against these two... And... You know... That other guy, with the red underwear, because OP much?

All I ask for is more Green Arrow villains and less Batman villains. Instead of Ra's I was hoping they would elude to someone like Vandal Savage who is just as dangerous and is also Immortal. Give me someone like Brick he would be a perfect crime/drug lord boss for the show.

I am hoping Amanda Waller puts Slade on the Suicide Squad even if it's temporary.

I think Thea becomes a villain. At least in the beginning. Maybe turn hero later when she has a better understanding to everything.

I still think they are OBLIGED with all those hints, and how awesome actually good and sane Thea is, to make her turn hero at the max at the half point of the third season, because I really think her being Speedy and on Oliver's side would be really amazing and funny to see. A LOT more than if they actually turn her evil, like apparently the question mostly is >.< I want Speedy! Not Dark Speedy or whatever the hell they have in mind.

Whatever happens, I hope Thea dies.... All of her "woe is me" crap has REALLY made me dislike her character. She is always such a whiny little victim! Everyone was understanding and sympathetic for Ollie when he returned; for a few minutes. PTSD aside, what the hell does someone hafta' do in that family to just be left the hell alone? Thea's off with daddy Merlin now, and he will fill that hole in her life caused by all the "lies" lol... I was 16 when I found out the man that raised me was in fact my step-father and not my biological father. Didn't really matter (or even shock me for that matter) to me. And I wasn't a billionaire or a club owner either. Nevermind shes a billionaire heiress and (19 year old) a club owner. Also, if they don't give Roy some depth he's gotta go. He will or I will lol. Season 3 will be set a "few years later" I believe. I think it's the only way to propel MUCH of the plot points left from the broken pieces left over by Deathstroke....the show must be propelled at minimum a year or two later in order to have the following: 1. Ollie's backup GA facility functional 2. Merlyn regaining some semblance of "footing" in the city 3. Merlyn's gotta get in good with Daughter Thea (the show will do flashbacks of their journey together) 4. Thea's also gotta get trained to fight the Arrow (only to no doubt turn and join alongside Ollie) 5. Waller will have all kinks worked out with suicide squad 6. Detective Lance will be well on way to Detective Lieutenant shield...... Anyway, these are just a few of my predictions. I really enjoy the show, and I'm beyond excited that Flash has another show now too! Flash has always been my all-time fav and it's not easy bein' a DC fan in a now MARVEL world.


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