Could Birds of Prey appear in The CW's Arrow?

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9 Oct 2013 - 08:31

A.R.G.U.S and The Suicide Squad are already part of Arrow's world, but could the Birds of Prey team be the next to arrive in Starling City?

They've left their mark on Gotham and Metropolis in the DC universe, but could Arrow's Starling City be the next port of call for comic book team Birds of Prey?

In conversation with TV Guide, Arrow writer and executive producer Marc Guggenheim hinted at plans to introduce Birds of Prey to the world of The CW show:

"We have an idea for how to do our version of Birds of Prey. When you think about it, we have a lot of pieces. It's a lot like the Suicide Squad. As we continue to populate our world with new characters and some returning people from last year, you start to go, "We're really close to that!" We saw this awesome bit of production art for a new set that we realized plays into Birds of Prey completely. Our Art Department wasn't even intending that! There's certainly a momentum towards that, but everything has to happen in due time. With respect to Birds of Prey specifically, there's an actress that we particularly need to make that piece work and we need to check on her availability."

As we've already met Arrow's version of Helena Bertinelli (aka Huntress), might the smart money suggest that the actress in question, whoever she is, would be playing a version of Barbara Gordon's Oracle incarnation?

TV Guide / Comic Book Movie

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