Arrow receives full season order

News Louisa Mellor 23 Oct 2012 - 07:35

The CW's recent comic book adaptation, Arrow, has flown over the next TV hurdle and is to receive a full 22-episode season...

The story of a millionaire playboy who returns home from years stranded on a remote island to emerge a vigilante superhero, The CW's Arrow comes adapted from DC's Green Arrow comic series.

Currently two episodes in to its first season, Arrow has performed well enough in its early stages to warrant a full season order, meaning fans are guaranteed at least twenty further episodes of Oliver Queen being handy with a bow. 

Arrow's premiere attracted over four million US viewers, a number that didn't drop too significantly for its second outing, which brought The CW three and a half million. Torchwood and Doctor Who fans should look out for John Barrowman's appearance in episode five.

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Caught this yesterday on Sky1 and really enjoyed it, tho i did find it a bit '90210' in places. Still, i shall stick with it for now. It's no WALKING DEAD but deffo worth adding to my TV commitments for a bit. Great monday nite viewing.

Yeah - I'm into it enough to keep watching for a while. I have never read the source material, but he seems WAY too much like Batman, but with a bow instead of a batarang. Still, if they made a Batman TV series, they could certainly do worse than this. We'll see where it goes now that they have a full season to play with.

That surprises me a little, considering some of the great TV that does get the axe. The Arrow's OK, but the characters are all a little one dimensional and the action make little sense at times.
Example: "I will kill of your bodyguards with little regret, Mr Evil Greedy-Banker, yet you, the source of all the city's ills, I will leave with only slightly soiled undergarments. Ah-ha-ha-ha! That will teach you!"

It's a bit like Batman playing as Robin Hood in Smallville.

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