New Arrow promo trailer

News Louisa Mellor 11 Sep 2012 - 08:00

The CW’s take on DC superhero Green Arrow has a new trailer, and if you’re insecure about your physique, you’d best look away now…

“He was wearing a hood, a green hood…”

That’d be because he’s Green Arrow aka billionaire Oliver Queen, vigilante superhero archer, and the star of The CW’s newest comic book action series, Arrow.

By the looks of this new trailer for the show, there’s going to be plenty of action of the smashing-through-plate-glass-and-running-along-rooftops variety. We can also expect a decent helping of gratuitous six-pack close-ups on lead Stephen Amell, whom you can see below performing a particularly macho exercise routine…

Arrow begins on The CW on Wednesday the 10th of October. Read our spoiler-free review of the pilot episode, here.


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The pilot was very good. It felt like a superhero tv show, but in a real way, much like Nolan's Batman trilogy.

Looks good,
but hopefully this will be an action series and not a Twilightesque ‘O dear, what
are we to do with this dull scene? O, I know! Take your shirt off and show
those abbs!’ series. But for the moment it looks good (the series, not the abbs
;-) ).

Looks sweet! I'll be tuning in. GO ARROW!

Can someone confirm if this will be part of a DC Cinematic Universe and tie up with Man of Steel etc ?

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