Arrested Development season 5 coming to Netflix?

News Louisa Mellor
12 Jul 2013 - 08:15

According to producer Brian Grazer, negotiations are taking place for Arrested Development season 5 on Netflix...

"We are in conversations with them to do another. They are interested in doing that."

That's what Arrested Development producer Brian Grazer told Bloomberg about a mooted fifth season of the Bluth family comedy coming to Netflix. It's by no means a signed deal, but it may be the first step in seeing another run of Mitch Hurwitz's sitcom on the streaming service.

All fifteen episodes of Arrested Development's fourth season were released simultaneously at the end of May, to somewhat mixed reviews. The difficulty of gathering an ever more popular cast including Jason Bateman, Michael Cera and Will Arnett for the series led to individual-focused episodes that some felt lacked the ensemble appeal of seasons one to three. (Not us, incidentally. Read our take on why season four may have been Arrested Development's best yet, here.)

Bleeding Cool rightly ask where this potential new season leaves the proposed Arrested Development movie. Where indeed?

We'll keep you posted as more arrives.

Bleeding Cool

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