Archer renewed for season 6 and 7

News Louisa Mellor 7 Mar 2014 - 07:37

Archer won't be calling Kenny Loggins, because it's out of the danger zone with a season 6 and 7 renewal...

It's top hole news for ISIS fans, as FX announces it's commissioned not one but two brand new seasons of sharply written animated spy comedy, Archer.

Two new thirteen-episode seasons of Adam Reed's acerbic animation will arrive (we presume) on FX in January 2015 and 2016. The recommission news sends the show's total number of episodes over the syndication threshold. That means more Archer, and more access to its previous episodes for US viewers.

Season five's bold reboot changed the game for Archer, Malory, Pam and pals, opening up many more possibilities for future stories, guest stars and gags. Here in the UK, after season four was kicked football-like around Channel 5's timeslots, our fingers are crossed that future seasons are treated with a bit more delicacy...

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Best news ever. And on the same day Stick of Truth comes out. I love how we are the first generation that doesn't have to give up cartoons as we get older (I'm in my 30's).

Whoa! Spoiler alert? ;)
Not caught season 5 yet. Now I want to know what you mean by reboot.

This is a relief. I feared for it, format changes are rarely a good sign.

I wouldn't call it a reboot as such, more a radical change in direction. However, it is justified by the events of this first episode of season 5, so you shouldn't worry about it being a shake-up that loses everything that Archer has already established.

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