American Horror Story season 4 is set in a 1950s carnival

News Louisa Mellor 17 Mar 2014 - 15:45

A 1950s fairground carnival has been confirmed as the setting for American Horror Story season 4...

We've had an LA haunted house, a sixties sanitarium, and a Southern coven... next up for Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's American Horror Story anthology series is a fifties fairground carnival.

The horror-themed series takes a repertory approach to its cast, recycling the same central spine of actors (including Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe and Taissa Farmig, amongst others) as different characters in a different setting each time. Season four is confirmed to be Jessica Lange's final year on the show.

American Horror Story writer Douglas Petrie confirmed rumours that season four would take the ensemble cast to a circus of some kind on the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast. "Yes," Petrie confirmed, "it doesn't have a title, but that's the idea. Very roughly, that's the idea."

A fairground carnival featuring a German-accented Jessica Lange, if co-creator Ryan Murphy is to be taken at his word...

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I look forward to Jessica Lange devouring the set

Liked season 1, loved season 2 but was very disappointed by season 3.

agreed. season 3 was a huge let down.

I was also disappointed with series 3 after really enjoying the first 2. I think the biggest mis-step was that with all magic in series 3 lots of people died, but nobody really stayed dead. So many people popped back to life that death became meaningless.
I like the idea for the carnival setting though and hope that I'll enjoy series 4.

I like the season 3. I like witch theme and i like what they do with it.

Ummm... Didn't they do that in "Carnivale"?

Come the finale It didn't seem like it had gone anywhere for the previous few episodes but season twos finale was great because so much had to be tied up.

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