Four creepy new posters for American Horror Story: Coven

Poster Louisa Mellor
19 Sep 2013 - 08:13

Yet more unsettling posters have been released to trail the arrival of American Horror Story: Coven...

The power of the voodoo ("Who do? You do. Do what? Remind me of the babe!" Apologies, it's an affliction) is coming to FX this October in American Horror Story's third season.

Taking place across multiple time periods, the magic-themed series is based around a decidedly non-Hogwartsian school of witchcraft. Judging by the goings on in these new nineties-Marilyn-Manson-album-meets-fetish-photographer-Robert-Mapplethorpe-via-Hellraiser posters, we don't think OFSTED would be best pleased...

American Horror Story comes to FX in the US on October the 9th. See more disturbing trailer images for the season, here.

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