Bryan Fuller adapting Neil Gaiman's American Gods for Starz

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2 Jul 2014 - 07:04

Hannibal's Bryan Fuller and Heroes' Michael Green are adapting American Gods for the Starz network...

Fans have been following the twisty history of American Gods' planned TV adaptation for some time. After HBO and Cinemax tried but failed to translate Neil Gaiman's expansive 2001 fantasy novel to the small screen, FremantleMedia picked up the rights earlier this year. Now, it looks as though things are really motoring, and a couple of particularly interesting names have joined the creative team.

First up is Bryan Fuller, the talent behind current NBC hit, Hannibal, and the man who gave us Dead Like MeWonderfalls and Pushing Daisies. Fuller is co-writing the American Gods pilot with Heroes and Smallville's Michael Green, who will also showrun the series for US network, Starz. That, as anybody will tell you, is what's known as a result.

Bryan Fuller had this to say in the official press bumf, "Neil Gaiman has created the holiest of holy toy boxes with American Gods and filled it with all manner of magical thing, born of new gods and old. Michael Green and I are thrilled to crack this toy box wide open and unleash the fantastical titans of heaven and earth and Neil's vividly prolific imagination."

Gaiman commented, "When you create something like American Gods, which attracts fans and obsessives and people who tattoo quotes from it on themselves or each other, and who all, tattooed or not, just care about it deeply, it's really important to pick your team carefully: you don't want to let the fans down, or the people who care and have been casting it online since the dawn of recorded history. What I love most about the team who I trust to take it out to the world, is that they are the same kind of fanatics that American Gods has attracted since the start. I haven't actually checked Bryan Fuller or Michael Green for quote tattoos, but I would not be surprised if they have them."

And with a BBC adaptation of Anansi Boys also currently in development, Neil Gaiman fans' (black, silver, chipped and coffee-stained) cup runneth over.

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