Syfy cancels Alphas

News Louisa Mellor 17 Jan 2013 - 08:22

Alphas, Syfy's super-powers sci-fi show, is not to return for a third season...

Although our reviews were always up-front about Alphas' shortcomings, it's never fun to pass on the news of another sci-fi show being taken off air.

It's official though, Zak Penn and Michael Karnow's sci-fi crime series Alphas will not be returning for a third run, owing to poor viewing figures. Two twelve-episode seasons of the Syfy show ran between July 2011 and October 2012, but that's to be our lot. 

Syfy's anodyne cancellation statement praises the "incredible ensemble of talented actors, producers and creatives" who made the "entertaining, high quality series", and thanks "the show's dedicated regular viewers for their tremendous support". What goes without saying is that Alphas needed each of those dedicated regular viewers to have brought along a plus one if it was to reach a third season.

Over the first twelve-episode season, Alphas experienced a drop from 2.52 to 1.16 million US viewers, and though the second season opener attracted an initial audience of 1.75 million, by the time the finale was aired, that figure had been reduced to 1.17 million, a trend few networks are likely to want to repeat a third time.

It's not all bad news for genre TV fans though, Syfy's slate of forthcoming projects (including this April's Defiance) is looking plump with potential, including a number of the in-development shows we previewed here.

Read our reviews of Alphas season one and two, here.

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such a shame, I loved this. The kid who could read electromagnetic waves (can't remember his name its been a while since I saw my last episode) was a BRILLIANT character.... I'll really miss him. Hilarious and well written. (and good to see someone with a 'mental disabiility' in such a prominent role in a show)

One of the only shows that could still get my kids to sit still for an hour, shame it's done for

tis Truly a Sad day , when such awesome shows like Alphas gets canned yet CRAP like the kardashians gets renewed........This planet is Doomed !!

I blame reality tv. Reducing our brains to mush so that we can no longer understand good tv. Alphas wasn't the best thing on tv but it's a damn sight better than the majority.

First we had only Eureka, then Warehouse 13 and then Alphas. One year later: Eureka and Alphas are cancelled and the only 'SyFyverse' series left is Warehouse 13. It's Stargate all over again it seems.

Alphas got more right than it did wrong. I think it had that feeling it was going somewhere, whereas Heroes ran out of ideas after series 1. The characters were really well thought out with David Strathairn, Ryan Cartwright and Azita Ghanizada putting in really great performances all through the series. Sci-fi channel is developing an inability to back their own shows.

Great show, left on a cliffhanger...again, never to return.
This has happened to so many great sci if series.

gutted, big time

disappointing, but not entirely unexpected to be honest.
A good show, but never great

Nooooooo! :( :( :(

Alphas was the only Syfy show I watched. I agree with a lot of the comments below so far but I guess the middling to low ratings just weren't enough to keep it going, especially when they are probably looking for something with the credibility and impact of shows like Galactica.

Maybe they're hoping the gimmick of Defiance will pay off but if that show's going to be a success then they had to clear the decks to give it a fighting chance and a decent budget.

I don't know if I'll be watching Defiance though. I certainly won't be taking part in the game so it'll live or die for me on the quality of the show itself.

I was just gonna get into this and said that it will be on for years like fringe (I've never watched but plan to) I know Alphas and Fringe are gone but is Fringe and Alphas worth watching , I love Dr Who and The X-Files , so what do I think , Alphas or Fringe ?

Hopefully another show set in the SyFy Universe will crop up as another sister show to warehouse 13 now that Eureka and Alphas are gone. I admit I have never seen Alphas or Eureka but I do watch warehouse13

Damn Reality TV, Fox is cancelling stuff for crap.

Alphas to me is maybe a 75-80/100 in terms of overall enjoyment, maybe an 85 on a good day. Fringe is a solid 85-90 and the good ones are amazing.
TL;DR: Fringe

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