Alphas season 2 finale review: God's Eye

Review Billy Grifter 24 Oct 2012 - 09:37

Alphas reaches its season two finale, but it fails to reach the heights of its season one counterpart. Here's Billy's review...

This review contains spoilers.

2.13 God's Eye

Alphas was running uphill a little before the final episode of season two even started. In the previous story, they'd set out the idea that you could kill people with flashing lights. Which, depending how you interpret that, is either a pretty silly notion or a major concern for the profitability of the firearms industry. I'm on the silly side, but given that the story starts well enough, I suspended my incredulity initially.

The idea of having Rosen guided by the ghost of his daughter works well, as he stumbles around New York bleeding to death from the gunshot he received at the closing scene of episode twelve. Switching back to the Alphas office, there's enough friction to light a small campfire, and the pressure of stopping Parish is telling on the team, who aren't even actually that cohesive.

This all builds up the tension nicely, and then we have our first really dumb scene, the one where the electrical engineers set off the first device accidentally by hitting it with a hammer! A hammer. I don't know any electrical engineers that wield a rubber mallet, probably because being that stupid would probably be fatal within weeks, if not hours. Okay, it's the clue they've been waiting for, but it was a truly head-slapping moment.

Then the story gets back on course with Gary and his stroke-damaged mother, and some character interaction, before Rosen is back on the Stanton Parish trail. At this point I was enjoying the pace and momentum that the story was developing, and then they put in two connected scenes that stood like a double road block in the narrative path, and contributed almost nothing to events.

The first was Nina kissing Cameron, and clearly confusing the hell out of him, and then straight from that they segued into the Rachel and John relationship, which hasn't worked once this entire season. Why? The episode never actually recovered from these abysmal diversions, as all the momentum that they'd built was lost there and then.

It started a chain reaction in this reviewer's head where I started to notice that they couldn't really agree on what the generator in Grand Central Station could actually power, how small it seemed to achieve anything meaningful, why 'old tech' is hard, and why Nina can't run elegantly in high heels.

This was disappointing, because at one point I thought they might top the excellent series finale of the previous year, where in fact this fell rather short on reflection.

The very final scene where the light emitters go off turned out to be excessively long, with the confused Gary picking his way through Parish's numerous victims. As it went on, and I understood that this was a rather desperate plea for another season, my reaction became much less positive. If they don't get that third season, and Syfy hasn't commissioned one yet, this is a horrible way to end the show. If they do, then they can do what they like, as the continuation of any character with the exception of Gary isn't defined. And what happened to the 'Anna Lives' subplot?

In many respects God's Eye encapsulated pretty much the best and worst aspects of what season two has brought to Alphas, where it delivered some interesting build-up and then blew the critical scene. The writers' insistence with pursuing plots and characters that weren't working became rather annoying, and Rosen's descent into a hell only for final redemption was depressingly predictable.

If they'd convinced Summer Glau to become a main character then perhaps it might have been better, but I think that it's a bit much to ask David Strathairn to carry the show in the fashion he has been doing for any longer is unrealistic.
If Alphas does come back it needs a major revamp, and if it doesn't then we'll all be left to wonder what actually happened, and why?

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i'll still miss the show if it doesnt return, despite its faults it is still better than some shows currently getting renewed

An amazing episode of Alphas and of course Summer Glau was amazing in it too, I love how Gary in the train station walks around everyone that has fallen because of what Parish did by using Skylar.

Crazy how some people love an episode and others hate it.

Parrish is hell bent on destroying life as we know it, and he can't put him down. The doctor is a pussy! Any further destruction is on his head.

Heroes got renewed 3 times with a much weaker, less cohesive plot and characters and it had a bigger budget (more money to lose), so I think this show deserves a chance. It's the little show that could!

Last scene was impressive. Bring back Gary, Bill , Kat an Skylar and some new blood and I might be back for season 3.

If they do come back with a third season, they should start with the alphas waking up like the guy from the subway. Even Dr. Rosen could wake up, implying that he has become an alpha, again like the subway guy was cause he seemed like he didn't know he was an alpha, like he just got his powers from the grid protector.

My ex-girlfriend was an electrical engineer and all the engineers I met through her used rubber mallets on everything. Rubber doesn't conduct, and being engineers they had a nasty habit of hitting things until they worked.

Dude... The hammer didn't get them electrocuted.
It set off the photo-stim gizmo. Not being alphas, the light fried their brains.

That aside, I think you're just unlucky in your perspective.
Reading too much into some things, and reading too little into others.

- The scenes with Nina, Cam, Rachel, and John was about dealing with unresolved tension.
- The AnnaLives "subplot" wasn't a subplot at all. It was the final piece to Gary's emotional troubles with grieving and a plug to the real Twitter account.

If Alphas isn't renewed it will just be further proof that Summer Glau is geek tv poison.

Just look at the evidence, Firefly, Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Cape

Add Alphas to that list and I'm afraid the only conclusion you can safely reach is that casting Summer Glau in a geek show is a sure fire way to get that show cancelled!

Ok so I totally have a theory here that I want to put out there. In falling Kat was given a knife that she had given him to look after and it had the initials J.D on it right? Well Stanton Parish threatened that Jeff guy with an identical knife in God's eye. And wasn't his actually name Jacob Dunham? Maybe they knew each other? And it would have to be pretty well if he gave her a knife he has had since before he came Stanton Parish. Will be something to look out for if it gets renewed.

I agree Rosen could be an Alpha, maybe even one with the same ability as Parish, since not fighting in a war he has reached an older age before dying and discovering his power. I also always thought that Rosen was actually a descendant of Parish's, which is why he had such a soft spot for him and Dani.

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