Agent Carter series confirmed to have 8 episodes

News Louisa Mellor 20 May 2014 - 06:42

Last week, it was confirmed that Marvel's new Agent Carter series will comprise 8 episodes...

We're playing catch-up with this news, which came out late last week when Agent Carter actress Hayley Atwell revealed the first season of her spin-off TV series would stretch to eight episodes.

This is certainly no bad thing in our eyes. We've discussed the problems shows can inherit from the US habit for super-sized twenty-two episode seasons before, so a condensed story told over eight instalments is right up our street.

It also means that, as Agent Carter is planned to fit inbetween the first and second halves of Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. season two, we won't have to wait more than two months between those (or at least, those of us in the US shouldn't have to. We're still awaiting news of whether Channel 4 has secured the UK rights to the Captain America spin-off show). 

Atwell announced the news in the video below, in which she discusses returning to the character and what fans can expect from Agent Carter over the course of the compact first season:  

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Really looking forward to this, she was far and away the best thing in the first Captain America movie (closely followed by Tommy Lee Jones), I do think its a shame so much of the characters fates are already confirmed SPOILERS we know Peggy lives to be an old woman, we know Howard Stark is murdered and we know Zola is secretly plotting against SHIELD from the start. Im sure they will throw in some twists and turns but it does rob some dramatic tension from them.

That's awesome news! If we've learned anything from mini-series, is that less is more. This could be in the vein of a popcorn Band of Brothers. I'm really excited! :D

Not sure if it'll rob us of dramatic tension or add to it? It's a bit, to my mind at least, like Hannibal: we know (or thought we did!) where most of these characters are going to go but that hasn't made the journey any less interesting. Either way - very looking forward to this!

Did I see two familiar faces in the background towards the end there?

I'm very happy with just eight episodes. Hopefully this means each episode will have a big budget as Agents of Shield clearly have the money to fulfill the writers ideas in every episode. I think ABC should seriously consider dropping Agents of Shield down to 13 episodes per series with hour long episodes like how Showtime and HBO normally do it.

You could still do a lot with that though considering we don't know the fate of everyone she cares about. It also reminds me of the Captain Marvel story they did as death is cheap they focused on potential memory loss and losing who you are. They could easily play up Peggy's Alzheimer's in Winter Soldier being the result of trauma as a way to raise tension.

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