Marvel's Agent Carter to get her own series

News Ryan Lambie 9 May 2014 - 07:24

It's been confirmed that ABC has ordered a series starring Hayley Atwell's Agent Peggy Carter...

For fans hoping to see more of Hayley Atwell's character, Agent Peggy Carter, there's some great news. ABC have reportedly picked up a series which will follow the fortunes of the Marvel character made famous by her appearance in Captain America. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Carter TV series will follow on a year after the events of that 2011 film, and will follow the agent's career as she works for the Strategic Scientific Reserve in. It's said that Howard Stark will feature, which we're hoping will mean a few guest appearances from Dominic Cooper, who played the character in The First Avenger.

It's also reported that Agent Carter will be a "short order" series, designed to fill the gap between Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D's first and second seasons (news of which also landed recently), and with a story that will somehow intertwine between the two. Further details are currently a little thin on the ground, but when we hear more, we'll be sure to share them with you.


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See, here, I like the sound of that. Especially the "short order"-part. Make it like a very long movie; a mini-series, focusing on a specific story.

While I like Haley Atwell, I fear if we'd spend too much time in 1945, the producers would need to explore this timeline more and more with every episode and storyline. This, however, would put them into a situation where they'd start to rewrite Marvel movie history - and we all know how stuff like that turns out (I'm looking at you, Star Trek Enterprise).

I'd personally like to see a 1950's Roswell type series from Marvel... Debunking alien hoaxes and stuff like that. Something to act as a balance to all of the alien-heavy storylines Marvel have been putting out recently.

This is the best news, seriously really happy we are getting a female led Marvel project and Hayley has been amazing in the role. Seeing her briefly in The Winter Soldier was a real treat.

I read somewhere that this series will basically lead up to the 'Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter' which would make sense. Glad it's a shorter one-off series, and interested to see what history this adds to the MCU - Zodiac, Hydra, start of SHIELD ETC

Good news. I loved the period setting of the original Cap movie so this should be fun.

Getting to see the start of SHIELD with Carter and Howard Stark? I'm in!

Definitely agree with you. Really looking forward to see what Hayley brings to Peggy in the new series. Her role in The Winter Soldier was heartbreaking but the effects worked quite well even though It was a short cameo. Hayley was an excellent choice for Peggy and she deserves the recognition she is getting from the fans.

This brilliant news could only be bettered by learning that they were calling it "Agent Carter For The Win". This could be excellent, interesting and (above all) FUN.

Marvel? I'm in!

So we can consider the Agent Carter One-shot as the Pilot then?
Also, I believe they where doeing it this way: Agents of *blank* Season 2.1, Agent Carter Season 1 and then Agents of *blank* Season 2.2. Hopefully they will keep to this plan within the same timeslot, because if not they have another Once Upon A Time in Wonderland on their hands.

Well, the One-shot told us that Carter would be brought in to make lead SHIELD with Howard Stark. With the events of Winter Soldier this could become very interesting.

I rather hope this series uses the One-shot as the Pilot rather then something to work to. In the One-shot Carter jumped on the oppertunity to do something. It didn't look like she did a lot since WWII. The ending gave us one heck of a starting point for a series however.

Also, do you remember the sandwich we talked about yesterday? It's happening. (Someone tell Rodgers it softly.)

Guy's called "Rogers", btw. ;)

I would like to see the transformation (Zoloft? Zohan? Zumba? ZOLA? Zola.) Zola from Goosebumps creature to Goosebumps... Computer. That was one of the best parts of the movie.

Yep, saw that some time later. However, no way for me to undo that. (Don't like a quazillion accounts to keep up with.)

Disqus-accounts can be linked to facebook and are used in other forums. I find it no hassle at all. But I can understand your position. :)

She is splendid, as is this idea. Let's face it, half of us would happily hoover up a 24-part BBC4 series 'Hayley Atwell Watches Paint Dry'.

Maybe a couple of episodes first that build up the zodiac threat, then an episode that incorporates the One-Shot. Then the rest of the series looking at the start of SHIELD with Howard Stark, Dum-Dum etc...

It would be amazing if the shows storylines in some way were tied to AoS, as the tv shows develop it would be good to see crossover in the same way the MCU has. I know theyre IN the same continuity, but i want to be reminded of that for pure fan SQEEE-factor

with the 70 year gap i highly doubt there will be that much crossover in anything but mentions and foreshadowing.

I will give it a look. ;-)

This is really exciting! A few episodes rather than a complete season sounds like a good idea, given how much history (world history as well as Marvel cinematic history) there is to work with on this project. Plus, Peggy Carter is bad-ass, and aside from a great story I'm sure we'll get another amazing female character to lead a series. Awesome!

It should be called "Getting Really Carter".

Carter the Unstoppable Spy Machine.

Could be great and add a little history to the MU - especially after some of the more 'its for the greater good' reveals in Cap 2 (Zola etc). Also with post WW2 setting we could see characters like Jim Hammond, The Falsworths (Spitfire, Baron Blood and Joe Chapman), Roger Aubrey and the Destroyer, Thin Man and Citizen V and the V-Battalion. Maybe even Axis-Mundi, Master Man and the continuation of Hydra in the 50s. Throw in other hints at tips linking other series or potential franchises such as nod to K'un Lun, Wendall Rand/Iron Fist/Orson Randall - who appears as a soilder of fortune with a reveal of the Iron Fist Dragon sigil on his chest, Wakanda and Black Panthers grandfather or Big Game Hunter Klaw and and even the beginnings of Weapon Plus (if Marvel don't own derivatives of Weapon X the could always go Project:Marvels instead) linking to Luke Cage or even 'The Truth: Red White and Black' series where the Super Solider Serum was tested on unwitting test subjects linking Josiah X, Isiah Bradley and Patriot. You cold also have John Steele, Roxxon or the serpent crown as part of a much wider Marvel 'Avenging' tapestry without really effecting the film continuity in any way.

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