New A Touch Of Cloth trailer

News Louisa Mellor 3 Aug 2012 - 11:15

British crime drama spoof A Touch Of Cloth, co-written by Charlie Brooker and Daniel Maier, has a brand new trailer…

Starring John Hannah and Suranne Jones, A Touch Of Cloth is the new spoof police drama from the keyboards of Black Mirror, Dead Set and Nathan Barley’s Charlie Brooker, and TV Burp’s Daniel Maier.

A lampoon of the clichés of modern crime drama, the one-off special has already been commissioned for a second and third outing.

Hannah plays man-on-the-edge Detective Inspector Jack Cloth, while Jones is sidekick Detective Constable Anne Oldman, a woman fighting for position in a man’s world. Noir confessions, lashing-rain monologues, and murder victims called (ahem) Gavina Duntish all await…

Sky One viewers can see A Touch Of Cloth later this month. We’ll certainly be watching.

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That looks really weird, lol! I don't know if it'll be any good. It looks too serious to be comic, but it's too silly to be serious...They have to find a perfect balance somehow or else it's just a mess.

'I haven't laughed since my wife died.' 'Why did you laugh when your wife died?' Yeah, might just give this a look...

Well that just leapt onto my 'Must watch' list - if the whole show has as many good gags as that trailer it'll be a real treat, and I trust Chalie Brooker to deliver.

Wow really?!Too serious to be comic? I suggest you watch The Teletubies if you think that was to serious mate ;)

It does look an odd mix: the "you can't go in there" gag and his assistant being called Oldman are straight out of Police Squad but Hannah's incomprehensible shouting in the rain scene was great. Maybe the trailer just doesn't do it justice ...

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