Keanu Reeves to star in, and produce, action series Rain

News Rob Leane
19 Aug 2014 - 07:25

Assassin novel adaptation Rain will see Keanu Reeves on both sides of the camera.

Making a bit of a career shift, former Neo actor Keanu Reeves is now executive-producing his own action TV series Rain for Slingshot Global Media.

Described as a ‘globe-trotting action drama,’ Rain is an adaptation on the best-selling book series by Barry Eisler of the same name. A 2009 feature film based on the same material, Rain Fall, has already been produced, but didn't make much of a - ready for it? - splash. Ahem.

Reeves will play the eponymous anti-hero John Rain, who in the books is a half-Japanese, half-American former-soldier-turned-assassin.

Rain is a freelance killer-for-hire, who lives by the rules that he’ll kill anyone, as long as they fit these rules: 'No women or children', 'no secondary team working separately on Rain's project' and 'Principal actors only' (as in: no hits on family members or loved ones to ‘send a message’).

That is, arguably, quite a loose moral code, but could be the basis for some thrilling TV action. Colour us intrigued, especially as the early books in the series are really very good.

“We are extremely excited to be working on a beloved property with such a talented and hard-working actor as Keanu,” said Slingshot’s helmer Ellender, discussing the new company’s debut televisual effort.

More news on Rain as we hear it.


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