Arrow’s Bex Taylor-Klaus takes lead in MTV’s Scream series

News Rob Leane
18 Aug 2014 - 07:15

After a central recasting, Arrow's Bex Taylor-Klaus is the new lead in Scream…

We reported recently that the cast was beginning to fall into place for MTV’s intriguing televisual version of the iconic horror franchise Scream.

Now, purportedly following a table-read, the decision has been made to recast the lead role. We had been expecting Amy Forsyth of Defiance and A Christmas Horror Story, but she’s apparently been swapped in favour of a familiar face for geeky TV fans. Bex Taylor-Klaus, or Sin from Arrow as you might know her, will now play the protagonist Amy Forsyth – an ‘artsy loner who aspires to be a filmmaker.’

Taylor-Klaus sounds like a good match for the role, which doesn’t feel a million miles away from her turn as a rather trendy social outcast in Arrow. She has also been seen on telly in The Killing and House Of Lies.

More info on the new Scream as we hear it.


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