Better Call Saul arrives in November

News Michael Noble 13 Jan 2014 - 06:04

It's been confirmed that the Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul, will air on AMC in November 2014...

This is very good news. AMC has announced that Better Call Saul, its eagerly anticipated Breaking Bad spin-off, will appear in November.

The show, which has been described by its producers as a prequel, will focus on criminal, that’s criminal, lawyer Saul Goodman, who was one of the standout characters in Breaking Bad. The parent show’s creator Vince Gilligan will act as producer while his colleague Peter Gould is expected to take the showrunner’s seat. The actor and comedian will return as the dodgy lawyer himself.

As we reported in December, the show will appear on Netflix in the UK just a few hours after its US broadcast. We don’t have any direct comment on this delivery model. We’re just saying it’s a solution that’s worked very well for them in the recent past…


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sick of shows being netflix exclusive

Me too I'd much prefer having to search through multiple sites to find a low quality stream of it because no channels in the UK have picked it up. Dam Netflix and there ability to show us things we would otherwise miss.

Haha brilliant comment, cannot complain for 6quid a month! I would never of got the chance to get into breaking bad and all its immense epicness if it wasn't for netflix offering me it all on a sweet plate

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