New Doctor Who and Sherlock clips in BBC Christmas trailer

Trailer Simon Brew 6 Dec 2013 - 07:51

An extended Christmas TV trailer from the BBC showcases a bit more Doctor Who and Sherlock series 3 material...

The BBC has released a longer trailer for its upcoming collection of Yuletide television programmes, and as a result, we've got some new footage of Doctor Who: The Time Of The Doctor and Sherlock series 3.

You have to wade through lots of other stuff - some of which looking really quite good - to get to it, And to be fair, it looks like there's some decent stuff on the box over Christmas, even outside of Doctor Who and Sherlock. Beware though: this trailer contains Danny Dyer...

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Who is that silouetted with The Silence, twirling the cane? G.I.?

I think it might be the next Doctor.

I am not sure about that. I can just make our a white shirt, 3/4 length jacket. The cane looks spiralled but that may just be due to quality of the video. It doesn't look like a doctor swagger. Oozes smarm. Got to be G.I. or maybe The Master?

You know fans all over the world will be damaging their eyes scrutinising those screencaps for the next few weeks.

I like how every time "I remember when you were here" came up in the lyric, the trailer had a sad looking John Watson. Way to rub it in.


it was the 11th doctor

Now that is a possibility and the fact that Valeyard was mentioned in The Name might suggest Moffat has plans for him. How did he emerge has been an ongoing mystery as well as what happened to him after the Trial? As far as the dark figure is concerned he does appear to have Capaldi's curly hair (try enlarging the picture). Now here is a speculative cat among the pigeons...

Or it could be Malcolm Tucker.

Will there ever be a Dr Who special at Christmas that isn't set at or that mentions Christmas ?

Doubt it. It is after all that time of year when Who fans have to force the rest of their families to watch with them if they want to see it first hand, so the episode needs to strike the common denominator.
Having said that, if I were the Doctor I'd vouch never to land anywhere at Christmas time. Seems to carry a strong statistical probability of involving him regenerating.

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