Netflix confirms release date for House Of Cards season 2

News Michael Noble 5 Dec 2013 - 06:46

The second season of political drama House Of Cards to be made available for streaming in February. See the trailer here...

We’re not particularly short of romantic gestures here at Den of Geek, but we’re still rather chuffed at the Valentine’s Day gift that Netflix is planning for next year.  The streaming company has announced that the second season of their political drama House of Cards will be available for streaming on February 14th.

We were impressed with the first season, a remake of the 1990 British classic, which introduced us to the manipulative, scheming and rather charming Frank Underwood, who uses his impeccable skill at being evil to cheat and backstab his way to the top of the Washington tree. Kevin Spacey will return in a role he made his own despite kind of inheriting it from the great Ian Richardson

A second set of thirteen episodes was always part of the plan for Netflix but, perhaps buoyed by the warm critical response to the first season, it’s begun negotiations for a third.

In the meantime, settle down with a rack of Freddy’s BBQ ribs and enjoy this teaser.


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Goody good! Almost through the first season and I think this is Spaceys best acting to date. He really is excellent at playing benign evil.
Some of the story and characters in the first season are a bit rote, but Spacey and Penn are just fantastic.

Enjoyed it immensely so looking forward to the second season. I do hope though that they don't have so many filler episodes as S1 did and they progress the story along a little faster.

The BBC told the whole sordid tale in less episodes (12 over three mini-serials) than were in just the US version's first season (13 - which haven't even made it to events occurring in episode 4 of the UK version).

I am intrigued to see where the Zoe Barnes plot goes and how it parallels (and differs from) Mattie Storrin's.

Spacey is good (for some reason I loved the idea of him playing X-Box to relax - I can't imagine Richardson's Urquhart doing that!!). There's something about the character and the way both actors have portrayed him that makes you root for him even though you know he's a total git.

Playstation not Xbox. Frank Underwood is no Microsoft fanboy

Does it really matter what the console is?

Of course it does!!

Smoking is cool isn't it? Even now.

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