Charmed reboot in the works

News Michael Noble 25 Oct 2013 - 22:31

Supernatural drama Charmed to be 'reimagined' by CBS...

We really hope that someone is keeping tabs on all these reboots, remakes and re-whatnots, (though it probably ought to be us). CBS has ordered a script that would reboot witchcraft series Charmed.

We say ‘reboot’, but the project is being officially described as a ‘reimagining’, though it’s not yet clear what that distinction will mean in practical terms.

The original series, which broadcast its finale as recently as 2006, centred on the Halliwell sisters, also known as the Charmed Ones, who used their powers of witchcraft to protect people from demons and warlocks.

If it makes it to screen, the show will emerge into a crowded field of witchcraft-based TV shows. In addition to Coven, the latest edition of American Horror Story, Lifetime has recently debuted Witches of East End and Star Trek producer Brannon Braga has been given the green light for a full series of seventeenth century drama, Salem. 

Happy Hallowe’en!


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...Wait, WHAT?! o.O Rebooting Charmed? Why?

So what have learned? That witches are the new vampires?

Has Hollywood seriously run out of new ideas? If you have to reboot why not restart some of the shows that were cancelled too soon or at least shows that finished more than a decade or two ago.

Just one question: why?

cough Firefly cough.

A reboot of Firefly would be almost impossible to work, because such a huge part of what made the show work was the cast...You bring in a new cast to play those roles and it would fall apart, new Firefly/ Serenity needs to be a continuation of the old series not a re-imagining.

agree with that. i was reacting to his suggestion of restarting shows cancelld too soon. it might be intriguing to restart a new firefly/serenity series with an older fillion. i'd imagine him not exactly part of the cast but someone a new cast looks up to in order to reignite a new browncoats rebellion.

Stargate! In it's original form, so no Battlegate Universe stuff!

Please leave this be. I used to watch the original, but at some point I got really annoyed with it. If they are such special witches, why are they always pushed in the defence? Such a releave 'Supernatural' was after that (some channel FYI), with two brothers that went into the offensive.

Hollywood's afraid of trying new things while people spend less money.

The show explained that people aren't good enough to live in a world without evil. That and witchcraft is supposed to be live and let live.

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