BBC announces cast for new adventure series, Atlantis

News Louisa Mellor 27 Mar 2013 - 10:23

Greek myths, written by Misfits' Howard Overman, from the creators of Merlin, and starring this lot? Where do we sign?

We've been all a quiver about new BBC Saturday teatime drama Atlantis since it was announced in January, and today's cast list has done nothing to stem the enthusiasm.

Starring in the Howard Overman-scripted Ancient Greece adventure series will be Mark Addy, Juliet Stevenson, Sarah Parish, Jemima Roper, Robert Emms, Aiysha Hart and Jack Donelly (the latter recently seen as Misfits' White Rabbit). That's a combination of new and veteran UK acting talent the likes of which was last seen, well, probably in Merlin come to think of it. Do you know what else? We wouldn't be surprised if a few guest-stars tip up in the first season too...

A fantasy drama reimagining the mythical creatures, gods and heroes of Ancient Greece for family teatime viewing, Atlantis comes to us in the form of a thirteen-episode series due to air this autumn. Executive producing are Merlin co-creators Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps, along with the aforementioned Howard Overman, whose recent work also includes the BBC's Dirk Gently.

Here's what BBC Drama Commissioner Ben Stephenson had to say about the show:

“The fantastic cast announced for Atlantis is testament to the ambition and scale of Howard Overman’s scripts. Some of the UK’s best loved actors are joining our newest talent to take the BBC One audience to a rich and wonderful world where any adventure is possible.”

Consider us excited. You can read more about the newly announced cast over at the BBC.


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So this puts the nail firmly in the coffin of any expectation of Doctor Who S8 pt 1 appearing any time before Easter 2014 then.

Hoping Benedict Cumberbatch is the villain...*waits*

Well what a surprise this is. Thirteen episodes of Atlantis and only Eight of Doctor Who. And yet if Doctor Who had not been such a runaway hit, there would have been no Merlin or Atlantis at all.

The BBC are Ba****s

I am going to get that made up and put on a T shirt and then walk around the Metro Center in the North East of England this Easter weekend.

I hope you will all come and visit me in either Hospital, or Prison, depending on who I offend the most first.

And yes Lee Noble, there was never any chance of a Doctor Who series 8 part one or whatever coming in September 2013, but I had worked that out by Feb 2012. We have been cheated, conned, lied to and deceived. With no good explanation what so ever.

And its in the 50th Anniversary year. So it feels to me like the BBC has kicked me in the nuts, kneed me in face, and then stamped on my head when I was flat on the floor, and then to add insult, they have spat on me as they walked away.

I am getting that T Shirt made, I have the font, I have the reason, I have the iron on transfer....

Pictures of the cast would've been nice for people who know little of the British TV. Maybe a gallery? Just a suggestion.

Go outside and get yourself a life. I mean really, they changed the schedule so there were a couple less episodes last year, we've still had a lot more than a lot of sci-fi shows over the same period of the Doctor Who revival.

Look Man....don't take me serious ya know! I was just being cynical like your name tag. I was also just highlighting a point. I knew this was going to happen before most people knew it was happening.

I have got a life thanks....its just a bit expensive for me. I still think we have been deceived and lied to over whats going on. If you go on some of the other places like Kasterborous and Gallifrey Base, there are way way more people than me complaining and they are foaming at the mouth...well some of them.

I am still going to do the T shirt thing though....

But Doctor Who still has its 14 episodes this season, actually it even has more, season 8 has 2 christmas specials and the 50th anniversary special which will be released in 3D in theatre and which lenght will probably be like twice a normal episode! It's just that the season has been split in 2 years to have a much bigger budget, so that the anniversary season is the most epic possible.

Er, huh?

This "season" is split over TWO YEARS.

Not Khan ... :)

Isn't it obvious? Don't buy the hype.

NO such thing as a two-year season. Especially when the season is pretty short to begin with.

A real commemoration by the BBC would have lived up to its hype of dominating television, with programming spread across the year.

This is Series/Season 8.

Series/Season 7, of what, five or sex episodes, that was last year.

What ? I didn't invented it ! Season 7 is shown in 2012 AND 2013 ! And it has 2 christmas episodes instead of one.Christmas episode 2011, episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and the 2012 Christmas specials were all brodcost on 2012, episodes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and the Anniversary special are shown in 2013. Season 7 is airing over 2 years instead of one.

Don't buy the hype.

What hype ? It's true ! Season 7 has more episodes than seasons 5 and 6. 7x00 The doctor, the widow and the wardrobe. 7x01 Asylum of the Daleks. 7x02 Dinosaurs on a spaceship. 7x03 A town called mercy. 7x04 The power of three. 7x05 The angels take Manhattan. 7x06 The snowmen. 7x07 The bells of Saint John. 7x08 The rings of Akhaten. 7x09 Cold War. 7x10 Hide. 7x11 Journey to the center of the TARDIS 7x12 The crimson horror. 7x13 Nightmare in silver. 7x14 Season Finale (name to be announced). 7x15 Anniversary special in 3D. So it makes 16 episodes instead of 14, including one in theater that will last much longer than a regular episode ! What the hell are you complaining about ?

No, this is second part of season 7, there was just a pause. Ok so basically, you're just a troll !

I feel the room ... SPINNING.


I'm expecting only the best now

I agree with you William, how can less episodes = more its just beyond me. Its a simple fact Doctor Who used to have 12 to 13 episodes a year when RTD was in charge APART from the 1 year with the specials. And that was clearly announced before hand. I think part of it was to do with trying to hang on to Tennant for as long as possible as well as other reasons they stated.

Last year we got only five episodes, then the usual Christmas special. Which is a SPECIAL it does not count in the normal run of a season. Hence the name SPECIAL. 2013 = 8 episodes only to start with.

8+5 = 13.

That's the 13 we should have had last year. They should then have been 13 this year PLUS the special for the 50th. I have not even mentioned all the garbage they have spouted about more who than ever, never off your screens, going to be on in Autumn from now on...oh look its back in MARCH etc.

Its all crap.

There is something wrong behind the scenes. If there is a massive gap after the 2013 special as well its really going to hurt the fans and the show. EG if they really do move it to Autumn. Or do another gap year etc. I just don't believe anything they say anymore.

Its a fact that RTD managed to run Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane all at the same time for 4 years without a problem. And S Moffat cant manage a full run of 13 episodes per year. He did it in 2010, and then it all started to go wrong with mid season break, gaps, and now one season spread over two years. I don't think he can cope for whatever reason, with Sherlock as well.

I know he is a good writer, good for the show and I like his work. I know his stuff is a lot better than most of the RTD stuff, for me anyway. I don't for one minute believe the crap about it being cutbacks at the BBC, less money, or to make the stories they do better quality because there is less of them or any of the other rubbish. If there are enough decent writers, and there are, the stories should all be pretty good. The budget and cuts is a lame excuse, because its now proved they have plenty of money to film 13 episodes of Atlantis, with expensive filming in Morocco and CGI for various creatures, so it just wont wash with me I am afraid.

The show is NOT in trouble, I think the BBC would love 13 episodes a year, but something is stopping it, either Moffat is over worked, cant cope, or the BBC are letting him get away with it because they want to keep him and keep him happy, or whatever it is. But they are not being honest about it and certainly wont tell the fans etc. I just find it insulting to my intelligence that they behave like this, that everyone thinks this is all ok, and its making me tune out on the show and lose interest and excitement, and I am a hard core fan. In 2010 when it was coming back on screen for a full new run with Mat Smith, I was jumping up and down, could not wait and telling everyone to watch and love it . This year I find I could not care less, and am just going to watch it and take it as it comes. That's pretty sad for me, for someone who has loved it all his life.

And its all the BBCs fault..the management, show runner or whatever is going on.

I stand by my statement.

The BBC are Bas****s

Its on at the Cinema too? That's news to me. Why would anyone pay for it when its on Tv? Fair play if they do it though. However its not going to be twice the normal length. Its confirmed as just an hour, that's 60 minutes, that's 15 minutes longer than normal.

If it was two hours that would be more like a movie, and it would be great but they are not doing that.

How do I know?

The filming schedule is set, and underway and committed and the minute its over, as its not very long, Matt Smith is off to do his American film. Then when that's over at the back end of the year he is coming back to do the 2013 Christmas Special. This information is all over the internet, fan sites, forums and most of it comes direct from the crew in Cardiff and the fans that live there and go out to see the filming as it happens and then post the details they see online.

So that just puts the BS line that Moffat quoted in one of his recent interviews of

"don't believe all that nonsense about there only being a one hour special"

Into a whole new light...

All you can do is go with what they tell you, its just the one hour special with Matt as a Doctor Who episode for the 50th, then the Docudrama on BBC3. That's all they have filmed.

So anything else they do is either going to be another documentary, DvD releases or books etc or repeats of the classic series.

Unless by some miracle they manage to film something a lot longer, in less time and keep it secret from everyone in Cardiff and the world...which I doubt...

Exactly. Exactly...EXACTLY.

Yep I might have been exagerating because the previous poster angered me a lot. But the 50th anniversary special will be longer and will be shown in cinemas. Oh that's news to you and you claim that you see all the websites and forum when it was almost the first official news that was posted online !

Sadly so ...

Yes, it will dominate all of television and be unavoidable in its 50th year! (Not.)

Oh, well.

I don't know what's going. There's certainly not a shortage of good writers in the UK, and we know Doctor Who is one of the BBC's biggest moneymakers.

I'm pleased that the show is back, though not champing at the bit as I have been in the past. I'm sure I'll get into it.

Last year's finale was a proper series/season finale, of course, with the departure of Amy and Rory.

The show is starting over now, as a new season/series does.

Clara seems very appealing and intriguing and thus promising. I've liked both of her outings so far. Well, all three, if we count the little girl in the brief but good prequel.

What, you don't work for the BBC? You certainly came off with the Big Spin.

It's one thing for you to sound like a shill. Perhaps you're just in denial.

It's another thing for you to take this attitude. End it.

Ok then. That's great if its longer than an hour. But that's not what I read elsewhere. If its two hours then great. I will however believe it when I see it.
If its two hours or something then its going to be like Doctor Who the movie and its about time they did something like that.
I could not care less about the 3D though. It does nothing for me. If its shown in cinemas I must have missed it, after what I read at Kasterborous yesterday, they just said it was going to be a 3D Tv special on Normal 2D Tv and in HD etc.
But I must have missed it, oh well. I cant see the point though, why pay to go to the cinema to see a Tv show that's on Tv for nothing? Its a bit mental. Ok it would be on a 30 foot high screen and look great, but most people have big tvs now so I cant see the point myself.

I can fully understand if Doctor Who fans feel cheated. Let's face it, the show has a talk-big showrunner who can never fulfill his own promises. You better stop believing the guy!

On the contrary the producers of Atlantis have proved with Merlin that a spectacular show can be made in high quality for five consecutive years, with 13-episode full seasons and without any dip in quality or popularity. There was no crisis, the show was always delivered on schedule and never run out of budget. I think they've earned great respect in the industry, it's clear that the BBC can fully rely on them in the coming years.

So I can't wait to see this new fantasy made by the Merlin team. It has the potential to become the phenomenon of the year.

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