BBC announces cast for new adventure series, Atlantis

News Louisa Mellor
27 Mar 2013 - 10:23

Greek myths, written by Misfits' Howard Overman, from the creators of Merlin, and starring this lot? Where do we sign?

We've been all a quiver about new BBC Saturday teatime drama Atlantis since it was announced in January, and today's cast list has done nothing to stem the enthusiasm.

Starring in the Howard Overman-scripted Ancient Greece adventure series will be Mark Addy, Juliet Stevenson, Sarah Parish, Jemima Roper, Robert Emms, Aiysha Hart and Jack Donelly (the latter recently seen as Misfits' White Rabbit). That's a combination of new and veteran UK acting talent the likes of which was last seen, well, probably in Merlin come to think of it. Do you know what else? We wouldn't be surprised if a few guest-stars tip up in the first season too...

A fantasy drama reimagining the mythical creatures, gods and heroes of Ancient Greece for family teatime viewing, Atlantis comes to us in the form of a thirteen-episode series due to air this autumn. Executive producing are Merlin co-creators Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps, along with the aforementioned Howard Overman, whose recent work also includes the BBC's Dirk Gently.

Here's what BBC Drama Commissioner Ben Stephenson had to say about the show:

“The fantastic cast announced for Atlantis is testament to the ambition and scale of Howard Overman’s scripts. Some of the UK’s best loved actors are joining our newest talent to take the BBC One audience to a rich and wonderful world where any adventure is possible.”

Consider us excited. You can read more about the newly announced cast over at the BBC.


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