24 co-creator on Jack Bauer's future

News Louisa Mellor 15 May 2014 - 07:55

Is 24: Live Another Day going to be Jack Bauer's final outing? Spoilers...

Warning: contains potential spoilers for 24: Live Another Day.

It's one thing for an actor to express an opinion about the future of a TV show, as Mary Lynn Rajskub did when she told TV Guide of 24: Live Another Day, "I would be really surprised if they didn't do more after this instalment". It's another when their opinion chimes with that of the co-creator and producer.

Discussing the future of Jack Bauer, 24's Robert Cochran has told TV Guide, "We're not going to kill him, I can guarantee that!", which very much leaves the door open for more 24 'event miniseries' in the style of Live Another Day.

As London has been so essential a backdrop to the new series so far, surely new locations are on the cards for any future instalments. Cochran, we note from his IMDb page, also writes and produces the Indian version of 24. May we suggest a crossover? Imagine it, two Jacks (one, technically, a Jai) for the price of one.

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How would they explain that Jai looks amazingly similar to President Hassan?

The same way they explained the police officer in charge of the death of Alan Milliken in season 3 was also General Juma in season 7?

Set it in Scotland. Have the bad guy be an evil clone of Jack. Eventually it turns out that Edgar isn't really dead and he's been masterminding everything since Season 1.

"You're in trouble now, Edgar."

Whatever they do, it's clear that the show has aged and no longer works in the modern world. It certainly doesn't work in London, the backdrop only makes the show look completely ludicrous now.

How can you forget Candyman played two different characters?

I remember Candyman being in it. But only once :(

Good news -- London setting has revitalised the show

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