New trailer and poster for 24: Live Another Day

Trailer Louisa Mellor 26 Mar 2014 - 07:45

Fox has unveiled another exciting trailer for 24's return to the small screen in 24: Live Another Day...

"You all know what this man is capable of"

Fugitive. Soldier. Hero. Wearer of practical lightweight jackets. Jack Bauer is back.

Kiefer Sutherland returns as Bauer in a little over a month for London-set special event series, 24: Live Another Day. In the second full trailer for the 12-episode season we see Jack suspected of posing a threat to the US President. 

Take a look at the trailer and brand new poster below:

24: Live Another Day starts on Fox on the 5th of May and on Sky One shortly thereafter.


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YES! So excited about this, 24 may have lost its impact over time but when it was at its best it was the best show on TV.

It looks like Chloe's gone through some tough times between the last series and this one... Either that or CTU is going through its annual Gothic phase.

Cant wait....although the poster is a bit overkill. "Do you think they'll realise its London?" "Nah, put a mini behind them and slap a Union Jack on it"

Can somebody refresh my memory as to why Jack had to 'go off the grid' at the end of season 8?

I think he killed Logan or tried too. I didn't care much for the last three seasons but I'm pretty sure attacking a former president was something to do with it.

Maybe she got a dragon tattoo?

I remember season 7 being dreadful but liking season 8, i feel like the back end of season 8 lost a lot of steam though... i might try to watch 8 again before this airs

well to be fair there's nothing else 'London' in the poster :)

Don't care about how bad some seasons were in the past. It's BAUER! BAUER IS BACK. I'm happy.

Strangely. Punctuated. Poster.

"Congestion charge. ARGHHHHHH!"

*fires gun until empty*

I wonder if jack gave up his seat on the tube for a pregnant or elderly person?

Wait, that's the same President as in Stargate SG-1 season 7! Those Stargate fanscript guys where right all along!
I wonder if they redcon the "Chloe goes to prison" epilogue from the Day 8 boxset. she doesn't seem very imprisoned.
Also, a lot of Yvonne Strahovski in this trailer. I like it, I like it a lot!

She went to prison in the Day 8 DVD/Blu-Ray epilogue, so maybe that's why?

I don't think i could muster up the desire to sit through those again, in saying that this miniseries does look damn good.

He went off the reservation trying to kill all of the Russians involved in the terrorist plot to kill the IRK President in a bid to prevent the peace treaty from being signed. He killed a load of people, so every government in the world wants him basically.

Oh wow, its Miranda from Mass Effect 2!

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