First trailer for 24: Live Another Day

Trailer Louisa Mellor 3 Feb 2014 - 07:16

Take a look at Jack Bauer being Jack Bauer near a bevy of London landmarks in this first trailer for 24: Live Another Day...

When doesn't a glimpse of Jack Bauer screaming in masculine rage as he walks away from an explosion firing a gun brighten up your Monday morning? That's right: never.

This first look teaser for 24: Live Another Day features the aforementioned Bauer, a London bus, a red phone box, Chloe with her new Dragon Tattoo look, an upturned Union Flag-decorated black cab, and the Gherkin looming in the background. Jack is back, says the trailer, and goddamit if he isn't in London.

24: Live Another Day comes to Fox in the US on the 5th of May, and to Sky One in the UK shortly thereafter. Read more about the show on Den of Geek, here.


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Does anyone know where this season will be set?

I know that's almost a comical ensemble of London icons, but so what. How many cities in the world are so instantly recognisable.

Though I hope the series tones it down.

I like that they shot it guerrilla-style on a regular Tuesday afternoon in our Capital.

Lol I'm also hoping this is simply a trailer, rather than a shot from the show... Chloe's goth stare, the ridiculous stereotypes... it's be a comedy season.

But then Jack started yelling and I loved it.

Its a good job that London taxi has a giant Union Flag emblazoned on the side else I'd never have guessed this was London

Its for tax reasons. The UK will allow tax breaks if they pass a British 'Culteral test'.

Cultural Test
Cultural Test

Damn, that sounds likely.

Still, slightly better than LA where tax breaks are handed out for just being a cult.


"London World", a Disney owned theme park in Florida.

Is it May yet????????

My favourite bit was the man in the flat cap running away. I bet he had a ferret up each trouser leg.

Without wishing to sound vulgar, that gave me a.......oh you get my drift.

Genuinely made me chuckle, thanks

A bauer tower?

I thought the same saw when I first saw it and did a double-take. I was going to post a comment but literally could not find the words to convey it, which you have done nicely.

Daft question alert: is this a TV film or a full season?

Don't worry, Jack, I'm pretty sure I saw the TARDIS bringing David Beckham holding copies of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Dark Side of the Moon whilst waving at a Royal Guard whose bearskin hat is propping up Queen Elizabeth II apologising that Hogwarts actually isn't real but she'll see what she can do about it.

You'll be fine.

12 episodes.

That's it! From now on i'm calling my little gentleman the 'Bauer Tower'! Fecking awesome.................the name, not the actual thing which is sadly underwhelming.

Is it just me, or does Jack actually look like Jack again? Last series he looked a bit odd, like he'd had some work done. Poorly.

I thought it was a mild improvement - I was expected to see a City gent in a bowler hat. Maybe he turns up in the longer cut of the trailer, running behind the chimney sweep.

Totally and utterly unrealistic.

That's a TX taxi sign fallen off a Fairway? I don't think so.

I've heard that a pearly king and queen eating jellied eels will also be in the extended trailer.

It's not the size of the waves that matters, it's the motion of the ocean!

LOL. funny trailer and responses.

Populated by Dick van Dyke 'cockernay' soundalikes ........ *shudder*


It looks like that episode of NTSF: SD: SUV when they visited 'Little Britain'.

Very good trailer, the mood is there, we know it's in London and we don't get any story spoilers. We are getting some quick frames of the Big Ben. Would that mean that instead of the normal digital clock we are getting the analoge Big Ben?

Union Jack - check, Black cab - check, Double decker bus - check, Gherkin in background - check, Red telephone box - check, flat cap - check. please don't go overboard on the UK theme 24. Jack Bauer is sacred keep him that way.

So it's 12 hours long and set in a ridiculously stereotyped version of modern Britain.. is it about an average school day according to Michael Gove?!

Sorry, but that clip was really bad, felt more like a parody than anything. Also where's the Beefeater at?

I'm sure the new 24 will be amazing, but this trailer is terrible. Laughably terrible. It looks like a cheap send up and when he started yelling and shooting, it was too much. Comedy gold.

Please God let them shoot it in Wee Britain with Mr F as the arch-criminal mastermind.

Tell me about it! And since when does the number 24 bus go through Harrow Place? (or indeed any other bus)

While the use of Union Jack jester hats by extras was almost certainly filmed, I don't care. The best action character, probably best TV character of the last ten years is back. And bullet riddled baddie heads will roll.

Everyone's favourite torturing Nazi thug is back. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld just wet their incontinence pants with excitement.

and yes, I am aware that that combination of words has just put me on some kind of "list"

I've never watched 24 but I understand it's Epic, This season set in London will be Epic

Is this actually filmed in london? Please dont be a mix of ultra posh and true Cock_er_knees.

If someone doesn't have a mug of tea in hand every 5 minutes and a general indifference to explosions and gun fire going on around them then this is not realistic.

Everyone must be drinking tea.

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