Confirmed: 24 returning to TV as a miniseries

News Louisa Mellor 13 May 2013 - 16:27

Is 24's Jack Bauer coming back to television via a new Fox miniseries? Yes he is...

UPDATE: This is now confirmed. 24 will return next summer, with a 12-hour miniseries, that'll miss a few hours out (inevitably) as it tells its latest story. More as we hear it.

First there was a planned feature film, then a potential trilogy of them, and now it looks as if 24 has trained its sights back on the small screen.

Since previously attached director Antoine Fuqua suggested that the 24 movie was dead in the water, word arrives that former showrunner and executive producer Howard Gordon has pitched a new take on the show, in the form of a TV miniseries.

Fuqua told The Playlist earlier this year that Kiefer Sutherland's negotiations with Fox for the film series had failed to reach "a proper agreement", but it's now being reported that Sutherland may reprise his role as Jack Bauer in a new-look TV version of the Fox show that made him a household name. We'll keep you posted.

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hope its true

24 hours always seemed like too much padding... but 12 isn't quite so catchy.

"The following takes place between ten am and twelve pm. Events occur as a set of highlights broadcast over an hour of programing."

The mole revelation now happening in the third episode rather than between the eighth and twelfth!!
Still, the hiatus and change in format may be what's needed to breath new life into the show which became more and more of a caricature of itself as the seasons went on.

It looks like it might be 13 episodes in all, which means the new "limited" series will still be over a 24-hour period but not in real-time, this in turn also might imply a potential international scope to the story arc pitched by Howard Gordon (a pitch that was immediately and enthusiastically embraced by both FOX and Imagine Entertainment), and if it's going to be a much-hyped television 'event', this could well mean a larger budget than a normal 24-episode season... in other words, big-screen quality action in a small-screen medium!

Hmmm that kind of kills the format (in my opinion). Could work if they literally take 4 hour breaks here and there - jump from one time to another (e.g. when someone is doing an international flight!) but I hope they don't axe the real time format.

Either making it a movie or ditching the real-time format is the only way I'll be happy to watch this. Like you said, if they get rid of real-time they can do so much more. It just became a burden after a few series.

Doesn't a 'miniseries' consist of 3 movie-length episodes (around 4½ hours then with ad breaks)?

I get the feeling hes only doing this as Touch has been cancelled, a man has to work after all

Best news of the week ! It's even better to me than the movie that was supposed to follow ! ^^

No, pretty sure it just means a short, serialized series. Doesn't have to be a certain number/length of episodes

I think mini series is pretty much anything that is significantly shorter than the US standard 26 x 1 hour format

This really is the best news ever!

But my boxset looks lovely as it is!!!

The eviscerating, none pissing, terrorist maiming, man crush inducing leg-end returns.

I respectfully disagree with that assessment there, yes the first five seasons were the golden age of '24' and yes they stumbled badly with Season 6 - and even admit as much - but they came back strong with Seasons 7 and 8... the latter season's final third (or eight episodes) were the BEST the show had ever been to that point, it was searingly intense and downright thrilling, and then some!

I'm REALLY excited at this news, I would love to see the planned movie but it was clear the studio was determined to nickle-and-dime it and the producers were right to resist that treatment, and it's further interesting they mentioned the movie earlier today, saying that after much discussion, all involved agreed that condensing '24' to a two-hour movie wasn't really '24'... I respectfully disagree with that assessment and I wonder how much of that is just diplomacy designed to varnish over 20th Century Fox's obfuscation and monetary tightness, that being said, the news of this new series pretty much lays to reast any prospect of a '24' movie in future, but who cares, when we're getting new '24' regardless!

He was originally going to do the film in between seasons of Touch (back when he had high hopes for the show, presumably)...

That would make Game of Thrones, True Blood and Walking Dead all miniseries (unless the term doesn't apply to multi-season series) :\

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