The subtle clues that suggest 24: Live Another Day may be set in London

Feature Simon Brew
3 Apr 2014 - 07:00

They've kept it under their hat, but we think we may have guessed the city in which 24: Live Another Day is set...

The nuances and complexities of dramas such as Breaking Bad, The Wire, The Sopranos and more have clearly rubbed off on the makers of 24. The incoming miniseries, 24: Live Another Day movies Jack Bauer to the UK for his latest adventure, only the second time we've seen him venture off US soil as he attempts to save the world.

However, full credit to the 24 marketing team, as the way they have underplayed the British connection for the show is a masterclass in deception, and keeping the mystery going. Just look at these examples.

Take the new poster for a start, that landed the other day. Here it is.

As you can see, the emphasis is firmly on Jack Bauer and the also-returning Chloe O'Brien. Others may have been tempted to pepper the backdrop with famous London landmarks, but the 24 team have resisted. See how they've blurred the buildings in the background to keep the level of deception going? And how they've managed to hide the fact that the upended car is actually right hand drive, rather than left? That, friends, is why they get paid the big bucks.

It follows the carefully trodden path of the earlier promotional work, as a similar level of deception was deployed in the original trailer for the show. Here's a screengrab...

Take a look at the upended taxi cab, and there's no clear sign that it's a right hand drive vehicle. And then here...

... see how the production team have specifically told the background extras not to wear evidently British clothing that would have given the game away.

The latest trailer plays a similar trick, disguising the city of London so well, that the only way it can be noticed is by displaying it as on-screen caption on Sky News! That's one for the Easter Egg spotters amongst you, look!

The rest of the trailer eschews any reference to London, and instead showcases Jack Bauer the action hero...

... and some background cityscapes that could be taken anywhere, in truth.

But the news isn't all good, friends. Sadly, they let the side down a little with this image, run in Entertainment Weekly.

After all the work they've put in to obfuscate the real location for the show, they went and used a blatant shot of the inside of the gent's bogs at Warren Street tube station. The fecking idiots.

It's a real pity that they let their focus slip at the last minute, but we sincerely hope this won't alert people otherwise unaware of the show's new London location.

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