Watch this great spoof of 80s TV’s Knightmare

Viral Video Ryan Lambie
5 Oct 2012 - 17:13

The 80s kids’ TV show Knightmare is beautifully sent up in this new parody video…

Readers of a certain age may remember the ITV series Knightmare, a fusion of gameshow and Dungeons & Dragons. In it, an excitable group of kids would sit around a television, shouting advice and spells to a friend stuck in a dungeon with a massive helmet on his head.

Featuring what were once impressive computer graphics, and fantasy characters brought to life by some extremely enthusiastic actors, it was the kind of show that had children everywhere mesmerised every week.

Those 80s rosy memories are amusingly sent up in the fabulous YouTube video below, which recreates the atmosphere of the series extremely faithfully, complete with bad haircuts and dodgy sets. Here’s hoping that its creators, Owyn & Co, will create some further adventures soon.

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