Did you see CBBC’s mini Doctor Who episode?

News Louisa Mellor 24 May 2012 - 19:35

A Weeping Angel, an Olympic torch bearer and a bad hair day for the Doctor. Watch a tiny new bit of Doctor Who, written by primary school children

This year’s Script to Screen competition winner aired today during CBBC’s Blue Peter, in the form of 3-minute Doctor Who mini-episode starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.

Written by children aged 9-11 from Ashdene Primary School, the Olympics-themed Good as Gold was selected as the winning entry by Steven Moffat, executive producer Caroline Skinner, and BBC Learning’s Katy Jones.

Let’s take this in the spirit in which it was intended, i.e. some fun for primary school kids who love Doctor Who, the Olympics, and presumably, making their teachers happy. 

RTD-dissenters, ready your “We preferred it to The End of Time” jibes now...

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It's being repeated today (25/5) on BBC1 at 16;30

tbh the worst thing about this is the "acting" from the torch bearer.

Last years was better, it felt more rounded as a story and the writing didn't feel forced compared to this one, but that's as critical as I'd like to get considering the purpose of the short :)

Wasn't that bad actually...

My one problem is that the Weeping Angels cant be destroyed by a sonic screwdriver :)

I liked the Doctor's "bad hair day". Nice eccentric look - a bit Doc Brown from BTTF.

One of the last chances to catch material such as Blue Peter on BBC1 at this time of day....

Meh, better than "Fear Her"...

Could say it's something to do with it holding the torch to quiet the quibblers?

See if I was 9 and I had written this it would be way better, for one the weeping angel would have a bazooka and the Doctor would kill it with karate, but I guess kids these days are different...

I think it was quite funny, ended with some great suspense and I hope we get to see the Doctor's new medal hanging up somewhere in the TARDIS in the new series just to give those kids a further treat!

Weeping Angels can regenerate when broken? The Doctor wasn't kidding when he said "You Can't kill a stone..."

The medal should definitely be featured in the new series. I like to think these mini episodes are vaguely "canonical". We occasionally get to see a "small moment of magic from the TARDIS crew". Certainly the first mini cutaway from Children In Need 2005 felt canonical, with the Doctor and Rose pretty much picking up from the moment he regenerated. "Time Crash" too has some linking themes and the extra scenes from the Series 5 DVD could simply be a "meanwhile in the TARDIS" (Which could also cover the "Time" and "Space" and,indeed, the Einstien mini episodes) Even the rather odd "Doctor-talks-to-Camera-whilst-doing-a-striptease-that-isn't" could perhaps be explained as The Doctor rehearsing for a charity show. All it needs is for Amy to be seen filming it and saying something like "...that doesn't really work for me" or "...hmmm, take four hundred and twenty two!" One other thing I noticed was the writing credit was given to the whole school which must have disappointed the girls a tad. Surely it would have been better to credit them individually and then say from xxxx school?

So, perhaps predictably, Matt Smith was a torch bearer this morning in Cardiff... Life imitating art? Not that I would really call Fear Her "art"...

just what I was thinking :P

It was better than the end of time... that's absolutely not a jibe.
I thought, given it was written by school kids, it was pretty good, the dialogue sparkled even if the plot was a failure.

Not too bad, a bit too heavy on the slapstick comedy(we know where that will lead), but very watchable. I was wandering around a monumental cemetary in Milan a few weeks ago and came across some fearsome stone angels. My girlfriend really couldn't see why I was getting to excited :)

That works... :D

How is the angel chaseing someone who is running through a stadium full of thousands of people, are we supposed to believe they all had there eyes closed, proposturous, come on its like this was written by 9 year olds ;)

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